Marta González Durio

Cádiz, Espanya

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Alba is an inteligent funny and amusing girl. Although we well could say “was”, as a terrible tragic accident happened on fateful march 21st 2016. A relative, who was in a shock due to an epileptic attack, let Alba fall from a third floor. Alba saved her life, but a strong brain damage remains on her. Now, we have a long neurorehabilitation process left ahead to see how much she can recover and become herself again a bit. Help us!

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APAMA lucena

Asociación protectora de animales, en Lucena, Cordoba, trabajamos por y para ellos, únete a nuestro grupo para poder seguir haciendolo

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Support group for Africa

Since I went to Africa in 2014, I fell in love with its joy, vitality and hospitality. Also with its weaknesses, inequalities and difficulties. For this reason, I create this group to support small projects that I personally know in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda and their people: young single mothers, elderly people without resources, education and training, support in situations such as fires, so common in SA. Thank you for adding your grain to the mountain. Money sending with private account.

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Duchenne Parent Project España

Fathers and mothers from all over Spain, aware of the seriousness of our children, we decided to fight to give them a better and hopeful future. That is why we have joined together in order to raise funds through the Duchenne Parent Project for research. Currently we have launched 22 research projects in our country aimed at finding a cure or improvement for this disease. Help us to follow, JOIN OUR CHALLENGE!

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ACNUR Comitè Espanyol

Cada minut, 24 homes, dones i criatures es veuen forçats a fugir de les seves cases per a escapar de la violència i la persecució. ACNUR s'encarrega de protegir i assistir a refugiats i desplaçats, així com promoure solucions duradores a la seva situació. El COVID19 ha incrementat la complexitat en els camps de refugiats, on ACNUR està reforçant la higiene i l'assistència sanitària. Amb 2€ podem comprar una pastilla de sabó de 250g per a una persona (7 dies). Ens ajudes? +info:

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Yo Nemalínica, looking for a therapy for Nemaline Myopathy

We are a non-profit association consisting only of 28 people affected by Nemaline Myopathy and their families, distributed throughout Spain. MN is a rare neuromuscular genetic disease (1:50,000 births) without a cure and treatment, with almost non-existent study. We have managed to launch a research project. Would you help us improve the future of our beloved ones? We'll be greatly grateful!

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La Lucha de Abril

Abril is a 5 year old girl diagnosed with an ultra rare degenerative neuromuscular disease called SPG52 (Spastic Paraparesis 52), currently we only know 30 diagnoses including Abril. We fight to get it investigated and to give Abril a better quality of life. Follow us on Instagram @laluchadeabril #curespg52

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Potencial Can

Potential Can is a project that arises from the need to give more visibility and find families to the races listed as PPP's being these the most discriminated races and with less possibilities of adoption not only because of the ignorance of an audience that does not know them, but for a law that harms them even more. We focus on the kennels of the province of Cádiz and work primarily in its dissemination to give them the opportunity they never had.

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Patrulla Canina Madrid

Somos una asociación protectora de animales que velamos por la integridad y vida de las mascotas que han sido abandonadas, que están en la perrera o que rescatamos de la calle y de cualquier sitio en el que no dispongan de una calidad de vida saludable. Necesitamos colaboración para hacer posible este proyecto y poder seguir salvando vidas.

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@yodoymispasos helps improve the lives of 55.000 MS sufferers every year

All of us are affected by Multiple Sclerosis, a neuroimmunologic disease that suffer 55,000 people in Spain. Every year, 1,800 new cases of MS are diagnosed in Spain. The GAEM Foundation, with the campaign "Yo doy mis pasos", wants to boost the research of biomarkers to diagnose the disease earlier, as well as to shorten the development of new treatments to improve the health of thousands of people like us. We need € 12,000 to promote our first biomarker. Will you help us?