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Bonjour, je viens vers vous pour aider monsieur Ahmed Soussi pour son refuge qui est situé à Assilha, une ville située sur la cote atlantique du Maroc et à 60km de Tanger. Ahmed s occupe de 40 chiens et 50 chats. Il aurait donc besoin de dons pour bâtir des abris pour sécuriser les loulous. Aussi pour pouvoir stériliser soigner vacciner nourrir. A ce jour d octobre 2018 le terrain est clôturé je vous remercie pour l'attention que vous portez aux animaux d Ahmed.

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Santuario de la fauna de Tánger - SFT (Marruecos)

Los animales abandonados de Tánger (Marruecos) necesitan de nuestra ayuda! El Santuario de la Fauna de Tánger se encarga de proporcionar refugio y cuidados a centenares de animales, tanto los que están en el refugio como los callejeros. Os animamos a ver nuestra página web www.sftmorocco.org o nuestra cuenta de Instagram @animalsanctuary_tangier !!! Colabora con nosotros!!

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Soutien pour le Refuge Peluditos con Futuro Colombie

Je vous présente le refuge Peluditos con Futuro situé à Sibaté 27km de Bogota capitale de la Colombie .La présidente se nomme Ana Carmenza Luna ... ce refuge crée en 2006 possède 400 chiens et 70 chats rencontrant des difficultés pour nourrir soigner stériliser Je m adresse a vous et compte sur vous sur votre générosité pour soutenir cette noble cause un euro par mois sauve des vies merci à tous

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Refuge pour chiens et chats Marrakech

Bonjour amis des animaux ; ce groupe est créé pour venir en aide a Ibtissam une jeune femme qui se trouve en difficulté. Elle sauve beaucoup d animaux ..A ce jour elle s occupe de 114 minets et 72 loulous ils ont besoin de nourritures et dont certains de soins réguliers ce refuge est situé à Marrakech Maroc Merci d' aider tous ces petits anges

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pour venir en aide aux animaux de mira et anas qui ont besoin de solidarité

amis des animaux, je sollicite votre bonté de coeu; afin de venir en aide, à mira et anas ils recueillent des animaux abandonnés. dont certains sont malades, et ou handicapés. Ce groupe est dédié à venir en aide pour le quotidien de ces animaux, nourritures soins, transport chez le veterinaire. merci de le diffuser partout ce groupe; pour le faire grandir. vous pouvez joindre mira et anas sur facebook, en tapant sur le moteur de recherche,anas mira stars je publierai des nouvelles ici , merci.

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Sauvons chats et chiens errants (Fès Maroc) Zahrae

Amis des animaux ' bonjour Je viens vers vous pour soutenir Zahrae Arousi une femme seule qui s occupe depuis des années des animaux errants Fès ville située à 300km de casablanca.En ce moment rencontre des difficultés pour nourri stériliser 20 chiens et 20 chats et aussi pour les faire adopter. Zahrae parcours bcp de km à pied d un point de nourrissage à d' autres sites .Un euro change la vie merci à tous pour votre générosité

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Help the Dogs at Galati Shelter

For 2014 we have been helping Stibis' dog paradise, in Public Shelter Galati, where 1500 dogs "live". These dogs do not have anyone and so you need us. We make sure enough food is available on site and have already saved many dogs. We also castrate, we let dogs provide medical care, etc. Therefore, we are grateful to YOU for any help. We also have 50 dogs waiting for paid foster homes in Romania for your chance. Please help us so that we can continue to help

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Irina's Sheltered Hearts Animal Rescue (Romania)

Irina Neblea rescues sick, abandoned and vulnerable animals (mainly dogs, but also also cats, birds, horses, cows - any animal in need) in rural Romania. She is helped in their care by her mother, but does the majority of the rescue work herself. Irina has become proficient in animal nursing and first aid, and has brought many animals back from the brink of death to live happy lives in UK forever homes. All this takes money to achieve, and your euro will do great things in Irina's hands.

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Aide pour chats et chiens errants Casablanca

Bonjour Amis des animaux..je vous présente Najat Bouab une gentille bénévole qui s'occupe de 30 chats et 15 chiens errants du Maroc dans différents sites de nourrissage. Elle recueille chez elle aussi des loulous Ce groupe est créé pour soutenir Najat nourrir soigner et stériliser ses anges Elle vous remercie beaucoup de votre générosité

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For the rescue of injured and sick Stray Dogs and Cats in Morocco. They are in dire need of medical care and food. Teaming is a good solution to buy kibbles every month. Be numerous.

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Estancia Esperanza para Burros

Hola, tenemos un rescate privado (desafortunadamente el único) de burros en Paraguay. Actualmente tenemos 23 burros, 4 mulas y 10 caballos. Los burros no tienen gran valor aquí. A menudo están mal mantenidos, descuidados y / o terminan en el matadero, y a menudo están embarazadas. Trabajamos con diferentes mataderos y somos informados cuando llegan los burros. Estaríamos muy contentos de recibir asistencia en compras, costos de mantenimiento, medicamentos, veterinario, etc. Gracias

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Soy Jazmin Castro ,una joven rescatista de Perú , actualmente estoy construyendo un refugio para poder ayudar a mas animalitos de mi país , mediante mi página ayudamos a muchos animalitos ,organizamos campañas de esterilización gratuita , refugiamos perritos hasta su recuperación , damos en adopción a nuestros rescatados en hogares responsables ,ayudamos a personas que tienen muchos animalitos y que no pueden mantenerlos solos y mas ... Ayudanos a poder continuar con esta labor

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Food for stray dogs of Bihać

We provide food for over 300 dogs living on the landfill Gorjevac near Bihać and monthly food costs often exceed 800€. A small but dedicated team of volunteers, we fight the impossible to solve the problem of stray dogs population in Bihac, Bosnia for years. Medical help, food supply, dog huts and most importantly spay/neuter projects are all part of everyday struggle to make life easier for the hundreds of dogs living on the streets of Bihac.

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Tiny Shelter Albufeira - Portugal

Tiny Shelter got it’s name because of the size of the shelter. Isabel Searle and her army of animal advocates rescue animals from all over the Algarve but primarily Albufeira and surroundings. Most of them are in a desperate state, from neglect, abuse, starvation or illnesses. Once rescued they are immediately treated and when sufficiently recovered, moved to the shelter to recuperate and cared on a purely volunteer basis. So help us to help them! Thanks

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Amics dels Animals Puigpunyent Galilea

Se trata de una asociación sin ánimo de lucro compuesta por personas voluntarias amantes de los animales que se hacen cargo de cuidar, alimentar y mimar a los perros y perras que esperan en su refugio una familia adoptiva. Os invitamos a formar parte de esta maravillosa labor aportando muy poco, quizás un euro o lo que puedas. Además estarás colaborando a salvar vidas felinas, rescatadas e estado grave, muchas veces, y a hacer frente a los gastos de mantener cuatro colonias de población felina.

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Tierschutz Rhodos

Wir haben uns dem Tierschutz auf der griechischen Insel Rhodos verpflichtet. Unsere Auffangstation bietet auf einer Gesamtfläche von 4000m² mit 13 Gehegen und einer außerordentlich großen Freilauffläche rd. 80 Hunden Schutz, Unterkunft, Futter, Wasser und medizinische Versorgung. Jede Hilfe zählt.

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Rusmira’s Rescue

Rusmira is an animal rescuer in Bosnia, where cats and dogs are frequently cruelly treated and abandoned. She rescues abandoned puppies and kittens from the streets and keeps them safe in pension until they can be adopted across Europe. Rusmira currently looks after 23 dogs and nearly 60 cats. It costs her over 700 Euros a month just for food and kitty litter. Please help. Your euro will save a life. Thank you.

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Kalaweit, para la salvaguardia del Gibbons y su habitat en Indonesia.

Kalaweit lucha para salvar a los Gibbons y su bosque en Indonesia. La cultura del aceite de Palma amenaza los bosques y la supervivencia del Gibbons. Chane, fundador de Kalaweit es francés. Más de 380 Gibbons del tráfico de fauna silvestre, están en cuidado en Kalaweit. Cada año Kalaweit gasta casi 85 000 € sólo por la comida de los animales. ¡ la Asociación compra parcelas forestales para salvarlos de la destrucción, llegando a más de 1042 hectáreas de bosque protegido!

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Rumänienhunde - Help the voiceless

Unfortunately, the suffering for the dogs in Romania never ends. Every day more and more street dogs are caught and taken to public shelters where they are not doing well! We try to give at least some of them a second chance and to get them out of there, to castrate them, to vaccinate and to test them for diseases and to treat them if necessary. The second pillar is castration projects for prevention. https://www.facebook.com/ROHunde/

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HELP Teddy Alex Shelter Romania (206 dogs & cats)

My name is Alexandra Sarau, I am from Bucharest, Romania and beside my job as a Freelance Translator of English and Italian, I run also a shelter of 206 rescued dogs and cats that are constantly prepared for adoption while some will always remain in my care. I need YOUR help with the monthly expenses for their food, rent of the land, vet bills, transport, medicines, cleaning. Only with people's help and support I can rescue, spay and get adopted more dogs or cats

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Phoenix Rehoming

Phoenix Rehoming is helping thousands of dogs and cats in need in Romania the Every Life Counts shelter counts on donations to pay vet bills, feed hundreds of animals every day and the keep the shelter running.

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ANIDORA - rescuing Romania's stray dogs

ANIDORA Animal Rescue is a non-profit organisation based in Zalau (Romania), made up of a few people want to save abandoned animals. Our main activities are animal rescue (especially dogs) and neutering. We have a 'shelter' for which we pay a monthly rent. We rescue abandoned dogs from the streets, from the woods, even from the public shelter, to save from a death sentence. The animals we rescue all need a new life and finding forever homes for them is always a struggle.

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Massive killing of dogs rescues Marrakech

This group is for all our dogs rescued from the massive shooting and poisoning happening in Marrakech (Morocco), we raise funds to get dogs to safety and pay pensions to the shelter keeping them ( non-profit organization Arche de Noé Marrakech ). The fund raised are therefore used to pay their monthly sponsorship and veterinary treatment ( neutering-vaccination etc- injuries treatments and hospitalization of need to be etc ). So far we saved 36, only 15 are treated and put in safety ).

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Happy Bubu - Little Haven

Our mission is to save stray dogs and cats who live in the streets, know bad treatments, hungry, illness in Vaslui in Romania. We take care of them at the shelter and make adoptions in West Europe (Holland, Uk, Luxembourg, Sweden, France etc). They are adopted with chip, a passeport and a spay. They deserve to live in loved ! Hundreds of dogs have already found a home, but there are still a lot of them at the shelter and they have daily needs. Take a look at our Facebook group :)

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Perros sin Fronteras Gran Canaria

PERROS SIN FRONTERAS se constituye 2008 para poder rescatar de forma legal animales en situación de necesidad de las calles, perreras, y desatendidos por sus propietarios. Uno de nuestros principales objetivos es cambiar la mentalidad sobre el trato a los animales, colaborando en actividades educativas en colegios, participando en ferias populares y fomentando la adopción frente a la compra.Puedes seguirnos en www.perrossinfronteras.org y Facebook “Perros Sin Fronteras GC” -Registro N.º 599776

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The Sound of Animals

This group is to help Michael Chour, dedicated to rescuing dogs from the dog meat trade in Cambodia and stray and injured dogs from the streets of Thailand. Soutenons Michael Chour The Sound of Animals, qui dédie sa vie pour le sauvetage des chiens du commerce de viande de chien au Cambodge et les chiens errants et blessés des rues de Thaïlande.

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Yamina Tierschutzbund Türkei e.V.

Wir unterstützen in der Türkei 5 Tierschützer mit ca. 600 Tieren davon ein Tierheim was sich im Aufbau befindet. Es sterben viele an Pavo und Staupe und davor wollen wir die Hunde schützen !! Täglich kommt ein Notfall dazu !! Auch die kleinsten Hilfen werden zusammen zu einer großen Hilfe und nur so können wir es schaffen ❤️GEMEINSAM ❤️ Wir möchten den Hunden den Weg in ein besseres Leben ermöglichen ❤️Bitte unterstützt die Hunde gesund zu bleiben

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♥ Help with 1 €! ♥ 2gether4strays e.V.

2gether4strays e.V. is a small non-profit association that looks after a private shelter in Romania with 300 dogs. In addition to the monthly feed supply of almost 3 tons per month, this includes the veterinary care and the improvement of the living conditions of the animals and people in this shelter! Many drops make a sea and many individual Euros can help us to help the animals. Please support us with only 1, - € per month

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Happy Dogs Moreni shelter

We are a small private shelter with a bit over 100 dogs and 50 cats. The need for rescue in Moreni is getting overwhelming and we struggle to meet our dogs' basic needs from one month to the next; we also have medical costs due to emergency cases such as poisoned and injured animals. Winter is coming and our mission is to get everyone through the cold, a very hard job, since all of our animals live outside. Together we can make a difference for these poor animals while waiting for a family!

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Thino-Tierherzen in Not

Der Tierschutz Verein "THINO - Tierherzen in Not" fördert Hilfsaktionen rund um ausgesetzte, herrenlose, misshandelte oder schwer verletzte Tiere in Bosnien. Wir sind aber auch in Österreich tätig und helfen wo wir können. Da wir ein recht kleiner Verein sind, sind wir auf Spenden angewiesen um uns um unsere Schützlinge zu kümmern.

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Oasi felina I mici del monastero di Susanna Corazzo

Sono una volontaria che vive sull'Appennino parmense,mi occupo di circa 100gatti tra cui 6 disabili, 7 cani e 1agnello. In più catturo , sterilizzo i gatti delle colonie e faccio adottare i trovatelli. Purtroppo il cibo e le spese veterinarie ci stanno svenando, da soli non ce la possiamo più fare.

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Gli Angeli di Pasquale

Gli Angeli di Pasquale sono un'associazione che si occupa da circa 10 anni di randagismo, adozioni e di circa 100 cani in un piccolo rifugio nel Sud ITALIA. Non ricevono fondi pubblici ma vanno avanti solo grazie a donazioni private. www.gliangelidipasquale.com anche su FB ed Instagram.

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Balzoo - Amici di Ronzo

This group is used to collect € 1 per month, and then donate it to Balzoo Amici di Ronzo. With the funds raised we guarantee treatment with drugs, prevention with pesticide collars, the purchase of kibbles, advertising to raise awareness and improve the structure where all stray dogs of Sersale and neighboring countries are housed. Obviously the more we are, the more we raise funds, which is why we ask you to share with your relatives and friends. Thanks, Serena Torchia.

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Hilfe für Алина Койгерова-Назаренко

Alina leitet ein kleines Shelter in Russland, welches sie mit Hilfe von Vitali betreibt. Der junge Mann wohnt in einem Wohncontainer, der direkt beim Tierheim steht. So ist immer jemand direkt vor Ort, um nach den Tieren zu sehen und sich um die täglich anfallenden Arbeiten kümmert. Mit dieser Gruppe würden wir Alina bei den Lohnkosten für Vitali unterstützen. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr Alina dabei helft.

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ISLAND OF HOPE - Helping Animals Romania HAR

HAR is an NGO with headquarters in Bucharest, Romania and a shelter with over 300 dogs and 50 cats. The vision of HAR is to reduce the multiplication of the undesirable animals through neutering/spaying actions. HAR aim is to find a stable home for stray dogs and cats and provide care for ill/disabled/abused animals. The mission of HAR is to contribute through all its actions in diminishing the number of abandanimals (dogs and cats), fact that has reached a worrying quota in RO

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Association Marlis Casablanca

Aidez-nous à stériliser les chats errants de Casablanca. Ils sont nombreux!! La vie dans la rue est très dure pour eux (maltraitance, maladies, accidents, faim...). Aidez-nous à maintenir des colonies de chats de façon stable en participant à leur stérilisation. C'est essentiel pour eux. Ils ont besoin de notre aide!!! N.B: Les fonds sont versés à titre provisoire sur le compte de la présidente de l'Association Marlis puisque le compte bancaire de l'association n'est pas dans la zone SEPA.

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Animal Rescue Albania ARSA

The purpose of Animal Rescue is to defend animal rights through rescuing, raising awareness, education, lobbying and activism. The animals we rescue are always the most difficult cases. We don't give up on our rescues. We make sure they get the best care and try the hardest to find adoptive homes or fostering. Most animals are adopted abroad through a strict adoption screening and a follow up process. We believe the stray population can only be fully controlled by spaying/neutering.

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Refugio Perros Abandonados Animalea

Somos un grupo de voluntarios que ayuda a que no se sacrifiquen los perros de la perrera municipal de Villamalea. ¿Cómo conseguimos esto? Buscandoles familias que los adopten en España, y sobre todo con la ayuda de voluntarias alemanas que les buscan un hogar en Alemania para que no sean sacrificados. Necesitamos ayuda para poder seguir con este proyecto adelante, ya que tenemos muchos gastos de comida y veterinarios, puesto que muchos de los animales llegan en muy malas condiciones. ¡Ayudanos!

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Strays of Alanya - Dog, Cat, Horse & Donkey rescue

Strays of Alanya is an animal rescue focused on saving mistreated, neglected and vulnerable animals, young and old, that would not stand a chance in life without help. Our rescue provides a temporary sanctuary for over 150 animals, all receiving care, food, medicines and socialisation before rehoming or release. We are doing all we can to make them healthy again, giving them the love they need while they wait for their forever homes. We are funded entirely by private donations.

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CARPE Rescue Shelter

CARPE (Care, Adopt, Rescue, Protect, Educate) is a non-profit animal rescue organization from Bucharest, Romania. The mission is to help animals in need, sterilize, looking for proper homes for them, but also educate next generations about animals protection. CARPE has a private shelter for about 150 homeless dogs, cats and other rescued, that needs all the help it can get. Thank you for helping us with a monthly donation of 1 Euro.

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Dog Shelter Baia Mare

ONG Un mic grup de voluntari care încearcă să salveze câini fără stăpân,doar cu ajutorul donațiilor. Avem nevoie de donații pentru hrana și nevoile acestora. Încercăm să încurajăm adopțiile, atât naționale cât și internaționale,cu contract de adopție și actele necesare în vigoare,câinii fiind castrați înainte. Doar 1 € din partea voastră poate să ne ajute să salvăm mai multe vieți inocente.

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Europe4strays Romanian dog rescue ngo

Mirela Mistodinis is a Romanian Dog rescuer and has 160 stray dogs in her care. Mirela is the Head of Europe4strays, a registered Romanian NGO with headquarter in a small village named Bizighesti in the County Vrancea. Financial help is needed to build a Lodge to shelter Mirela's rescued dogs, to buy food, to pay veterinary expenses such as medicines, vaccinations, deworming, anti-fleas, surgeries or skin diseases. Be part of the project by supporting Mirela and Europe4strays.

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Stray Dogs in Bosnia Need Urgent Help

I would like to invite animal lovers to support rescue in BiH. I am trying my best to support registered charity SOS Šapice Gradiška - SOS Vergessene Pfoten e. V. They have rescued over 4000 dogs and find them homes in Germany. Dogs need our help as charity struggle for funds. Please support my cause and save a life. Thank you for your consideration.

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Ntina Mandraki - Hilfe für Hunde in Griechenland ♥️

Ntina rettet Strassenhunde und -katzen in Griechenland und benötigt immer viel Geld für Futter, Impfungen, Kastrationen, Tierarzt, Benzin etc. Oft kommen Notfälle , z. B. angefahrene Tiere oder vergiftete ...Tiere sind dort leider nichts wert für die meisten...anders Ntina, sie rettet und gibt ihr letztes Hemd. Jeder Euro zählt ♥️

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Tierhilfe "Kleiner Brunnen" e.V.

Wir versuchen, Mehmet Kaya und sein Tierheim mit knapp 300 Hunden und weiteren auf der Strasse lebenden Hunden und Katzen in der Türkei mit Geldspenden für Futter und Medikamente zu unterstützen. Leider bekommen wir keine Futterspenden in die Türkei eingeführt und sind daher auf Geldspenden angewiesen, vor allem da sich die Futterpreise durch die Inflation fast verdreifacht haben. Jeder Euro zählt und hilft uns dabei, mit Euch gemeinsam für die Tiere sorgen zu können.

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Tanjas Tieroase

Wir sind ein kleiner Tierschutzverein, der u.a. Straßenhunde in Ungarn aufnimmt, medizinisch versorgt, kastriert und natürlich füttert. Anschließend versuchen wir unsere Schützlinge in ein eigenes Zuhause zu vermitteln. Zwei Mitglieder sind in Ungarn vor Ort und betreuen den Tierschutzhof mit unseren -teilweise gehandicapten- Hunden, aber auch Katzen, Schafen, Ziegen und Hühnern. Nicht sozialisierbare, alte oder traumatisierte Tiere bekommen hier auch ihr Gnadenbrot.

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We rescue abandoned, needy dogs and house them in private pensions. They are treated medically. Necessary operations or therapies are performed. We bear the entire costs of medical treatment, pension and food supply. Very traumatized dogs stay with us for a long time until they are ready for adoption. We take great care in looking for loving homes for adoptable dogs.

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Teamer desde:  03/04/2020

A.R.A. Animal Rescue Activist

A.R.A. (Association Animal Rescue Activist) is a registered Romanian animal protection association, which has set up a shelter for abandoned dogs and cats near Bucharest. There are about 180 dogs and 20 cats. Our goal is to create the best conditions for our proteges for a dignified, secure, healthy and loving life. This can only be achieved through donations. www.facebook.com/AnimalRescueActivist/

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Animal Heaven e.V.

Animal Heaven e.V. is a registered, non-profit organization, which aims to improve the quality of life of dogs in Romania. We run a private animal shelter in the Deva district and look after a total of 120 dogs. We need support for: the expansion of our shelter; monthly Castration campaigns; medical care for sick, seriously injured and pregnant dogs in killing/shelters and on the streets; foster + food costs

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Soy Ana Inés Herrera, y he recolectado dinero para ayudar a los caballos que son maltratados en Argentina. Llevamos 8 años concientizando, rescatando y recuperando caballos que han sido sometidos al flagelo de la tracción a sangre y el maltrato animal: atados a carros pesados que recogen residuos, desnutridos, deshidratados, obligados a extensas jornadas de trabajo a base de látigos y palos hasta el punto de morir en las calles. Contamos con un refugio para 140 caballos.

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Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir

Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir provides safe refuge for over 900 former street dogs, 150 cats, and many rescued equines in the Agadir area. All donations will go to pay for the feeding, care and support of the animals in the refuge. Each month we have to find money to pay food bills, cover the wages of the minimal staff who care for the animals, fuel for the vehicle and any vet bills. If we have secure funding we can hire more staff and do more outreach and rescue work.

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Dogs & CatsLand Project

We are a small team of engaged people raising funds for lonely rescuer Sorina Rinciog who does incredible work in Campina Romania. Her goal is to increase the quality of the street animals in her region and to protect them from harm, giving them a safe place to stay whilst preparing them for their future home. But her work does not end there, she feeds as well the many street animals, neuters them and is looking after their welfare, not having anybody else caring about them.

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Les Paniers du Coeur

Cette association a pour but d'apporter une aide de toute nature, notamment matérielle et financière, à des structures de protection animale dans le monde : dispensaires animaliers, refuges proposant les animaux à l'adoption, associations pour animaux errants etc.....

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griechische Fellnasen e.V.

We are a non-profit recognized animal welfare association that was founded in 2011. In the long term we are building an animal shelter for Nea Morsini Greece. At the moment we care for 40 dogs in the Rescue Station. Another 17 dogs are in private foster homes. All dogs were partly taken over from the castration actions by us, because they were sick and need medical care. On April 6th the Dog Rescue Station was devastated by a storm.

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Teamer desde:  12/04/2020

Animales Abandonados en Venezuela

Somos la Fundación Esperanza Animal, dedicada a ayudar a animales en situación de abandono. Nuestra familia esta conformada por más de 250 perros y 19 gatos rescatados de las calles de Caracas, Venezuela. La grave crisis económica por la que pasa nuestro país hace que cada día sea más difícil alimentar y darle calidad de vida a nuestros animalitos. Nuestras redes: facebook: Fundacion Esperanza Animal / Instagram: Fundacion_esperanza_animal / twitter: @espeanimalve

528€ Recaudados

77 Teamers

Teamer desde:  13/04/2020

Soutien pour le Refuge des 4Pattes au Maroc

Because being a stray dog is being a dead dog!! We get them out of the streets, we treat them, we neuter and we vaccinate them. We shelter them, we feed them, we socialize them!! They need us while they're waiting for a FOREVER FAMILY!! For now, we are their ONLY FAMILY they've got! 240 dogs in shelter!! PLEASE DONATE!! TWO TEAMERS can feed 3 dogs one day!! EIGHTEEN TEAMERS can feed 240 dogs one day!!

310€ Recaudados

31 Teamers

Teamer desde:  14/04/2020

Noah Tierheim Ungarn

Der Förderverein Noah Tierheim Ungarn e.V. unterstützt seit der Gründung im Jahr 2014 das Noah Tierheim in Budapest/Ungarn. Wir hoffen über Teaming einen kleinen Beitrag zu den hohen Tierarztkosten leisten zu können.

1.045€ Recaudados

53 Teamers

Teamer desde:  15/04/2020


Nos proporcionar/dar refugio y encontrar un nuevo hogar apropiado para descuidados, maltratados y arrojados a los perros en España. También perros de Almeria exterior pueden de nosotros.

255€ Recaudados

22 Teamers

Teamer desde:  20/04/2020

REXCATE, Centro y protectora de Fauna Exótica

REXCATE (Centro de recogida, bienestar y protección de fauna exótica) es una asociación destinada a la recuperación de animales situada en Extremadura. Esta ONG tiene como función la de actuar como un centro para acoger y ofrecer un santuario para todo tipo de especies, realizar labores educativas y de concienciación. Además nos hacemos cargo de animales en situación de abandono y desamparo, rehabilitándolos y dándoles una nueva vida. Ayúdanos a crecer y a poder a asistir a más animales.

1.258€ Recaudados

126 Teamers

Teamer desde:  21/04/2020

Help the dogs from Public Shelter Breasta, Romania

A group created to help the dogs and puppies, condemned to death in the Public Shelter Breasta. Your monthly contribution will pay for food and veterinary treatment and help the team of volunteers to save as many dogs as possible. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1275710212545827/

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41 Teamers

Teamer desde:  07/06/2020


CCTNA CHIENS et CHATS de TUNISIE, de NORMANDIE et d'AILLEURS Créée en janvier 2012, CCTNA souhaite aider en priorité les animaux errants et maltraités en Tunisie - en organisant des campagnes de stérilisation des chats errants - en aidant un refuge accueillant chats et chiens abandonnés (achat de croquettes, frais vétérinaires) - en aidant les chiens victimes de fusillades publiques des polices municipales du Nord au Sud de la Tunisie

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Teamer desde:  07/06/2020

Help Caki Bravo's dogs of Bosnia

Unfortunately Teaming are unable to transfer funds to a Bosnian bank account and there is no other bank account in Caki's name in another country ( obvously!) so it would be best if you could cancel your teaming donation to this group. thank you for wanting to help Caki. please could you now donate to him direct instead of through teaming. thank you. Jane x

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13 Teamers

Teamer desde:  17/06/2020


Wir sind eine kleine Auffangstation im Süden Marokkos. Wir beschäftigen uns mit pflegen , versorgen und vermitteln von Strassentieren Marokkos. Dabei handelt es sich hauptsächlich um Hunde und Katzen. Viele ,die bei uns landen , werden adoptiert . Trotzdem müssen wir die die Kosten für die tierärztliche Versorgung , Futter und sonstigen Unterhalt und jetzt auch Gründstück stemmen. Das ist wirklich nicht einfach und verlangt uns alles ab. Für jeden Euro sind wir wirklich sehr dankbar .

184€ Recaudados

21 Teamers

Teamer desde:  17/06/2020

Help for Egypt cats

In Tanta, das ist im Norden Ägyptens lebt Sahar Mostafa und in Kairo lebt Lamis Said. Sie versuchen täglich die vielen, wirklich sehr vielen Strassenkatzen satt zu kriegen und nehmen Katzen auf, die keine Chance haben auf der Straße - für ein besseres Leben in Deutschland. Es ist mir eine Herzensangelegenheit, diese beiden Frauen zu unterstützen, um die Welt für diese armen verstossenen Katzen besser zu machen ! Auf Facebook gibt es meine Gruppe: Sahar's egypt cats in need

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73 Teamers

Teamer desde:  17/06/2020

Arca de Noé, Marrakech

Soy karim, intervengo en Marrakech con un grupo de voluntarios para ayudar a los animales de Marruecos desde 2015. Vengo a ustedes para apoyar a la asociación L'Arche de Noé que ayuda a los animales domésticos y salvajes en peligro (amputados, ciegos, quemados, etc.). Además, actuamos a través de nuestras distribuciones de alimentos para perros, gatos y caballos callejeros. Nuestras campañas de esterilización permiten reducir la reproducción de animales de la calle.

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17 Teamers

Teamer desde:  18/06/2020

Dogi' s House Egypt

In Hurghada in Ägypten lebt Karin Blädel und sie kümmert sich rührend um ehemalige Straßenhunde, die ohne ihre Hilfe nicht überleben würden. Für einige der geretteten Hunde gibt es Paten, leider nicht für alle und so ist es sehr schwer, alle Hunde Monat für Monat zu versorgen. Wir wollen sie unterstützen, damit sie einen "Notgroschen" für besonders schwere Zeiten zur Verfügung hat.

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Teamer desde:  20/06/2020


Monthly support for the rescues of Roxy Pitsho in Casablanca in Morocco, in veterinary care and food for animals without family, stray, sick, injured, ... Regular monitoring on Facebook. Thank you in advance to all the friends.

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Teamer desde:  20/06/2020

Help for Moroccan street cats - Les 4 Pattes Sans Toit Marocains

Morocco's animal rights activists need our help! Millions of pitiful cats and dogs live on Morocco's streets. Instead of controlling the flood of animals through castration programs, Morocco's government still relies on poisoning campaigns and killing squads. Fortunately, however, there is also an animal welfare movement in Morocco. We feed, vaccinate and castrate street animals; sick cats are nursed back to health at our foster homes. We arrange sponsorships, domestic and foreign adoptions.

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Teamer desde:  08/07/2020

CERELIAS: Centro de Rescate y Liberación de Animales Silvestres

CERELIAS brinda refugio, alimentación y rehabilitación a animales que han sido huérfanos (por la caza), cautivos y/o maltratados debido al comercio ilegal. Con tan solo 1€ al mes, ayudarás a la labor de rescatarlos, atenderlos y devolverlos a la selva, en el ACR, en Perú. Contribuirás en la conservación de la fauna de los bosques amazónicos, y en su reforestación (los animales son dispensadores de semillas). Ahora más que nunca, necesitamos tu ayuda. ¿Te unes a nuestra familia Cereliana?

282€ Recaudados

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Teamer desde:  10/07/2020

Soutien pour chiens et chats errants(Agadir) Zina

Bonjour Amis des animaux Je vous présente Zina Marasme Cette formidable jeune femme s occupe de 27 chats à la maison et de 40 chats et 10 chiens errants .zina doit se rendre tous les jours dans 8 quartiers tous situés a plus de 20km du centre d' Agadir Maroc pour nourrir ces anges.. un euro mensuel sera pour nourrir soigner et stériliser Zina vous remercie pour l aide que vous apporterez..a ses petits MERCI à tous pour votre générosité

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23 Teamers

Teamer desde:  12/07/2020

HAPPY DOGS KOH CHANG Rescue & Sanctuary

Happy Dogs Koh Chang is a dog rescue and sanctuary in Thailand, relying entirely on donations and on compassionate people such as yourself. Almost 200 dogs in our care, we struggle even more now daily, due to COVID 19. Please team up with us to help the voiceless. We feed, treat, vaccinate, spay/neuter, love, heal, and find forever homes for the ill, dumped, neglect.

1.010€ Recaudados

78 Teamers

Teamer desde:  15/07/2020

Help for the Beldi Refuge in Morocco

The Beldi Refuge is a dog rescue and shelter for needy stray dogs in the rif mountains of Morocco. We are completely dependent on the friendly help of others to operate the refuge, to take care of the animals and to be able to take in new ones. Even those who have little can be here to help the animals in Morocco! We are many! ❤️

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Teamer desde:  18/07/2020

Home for every cat

Helping stray cats in Bosnia, Sarajevo with food, sterilisations, medical care, foster places

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Teamer desde:  21/07/2020

Supporting Innocent Souls e.V.

SIS e.V. - a registered, charitable association. We support our dear animal rescuer Iuliana Rasuceanu in Bucarest, Romania. For years, she has taken care of stray dogs by feeding them, having them neutered or medically treated. After rescueing them, she always tries to find loving families for them. She earns little, but has big expenses... This is why she urgently needs our support! Please help!

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Teamer desde:  25/07/2020

Animal Rescue Group Alanya

ARGA is taking care of approximately 1200 animals on the street and runs a sanctuary with more than 75 animals. The costs for the food and cat litter is much each month, medical bills have to be added. TNR is also a big part of what we do. For just 1 euro you can become member of our team and help us ❤️❤️ Only together we can make a difference! WE NEED YOUR HELP The more you promote our team the more our team can grow and them ore animals we can help. https://www.arga07.com

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Teamer desde:  26/07/2020



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Teamer desde:  27/07/2020


The Arca dei Cani Onlus Association was born with the aim of helping all animals in difficulty, located in the Valle Camonica area, giving them hospitality and concrete help until their adoption. The ultimate goal is to find a family that can welcome these creatures often abandoned to their destiny with no hope of survival, giving love, comfort and a roof. The association lives thanks to spontaneous donations www.arcadeicani.it

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17 Teamers

Teamer desde:  30/07/2020

Aidons pour stériliser et vacciner les chiens de Aourir Maroc

BONJOUR amis des animaux Claire a besoin d aide pour stériliser et vacciner les loulous .trop de chiens sont massacrés de façon abominable CERTAINS sont situés a 10 km de AGADIR Claire a commencé de faire stériliser plusieurs femelles Nous devons continuer les stérilisations et vaccinations afin d éviter la mort atroce des ces innocents Un euro par mois peux changer la vie merci à tous pour votre aide

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49 Teamers

Teamer desde:  07/08/2020

Animal Welfare in Lebanon

We are a small, non-profit animal welfare association in Switzerland, which together with our local partner BETA (Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) tries to reduce the animal suffering in Lebanon and to continue to provide for the more than 1100 animals under our care despite adverse conditions. We received an eviction notice for our shelter and are constructing a new one. To finish the shelter to be able to move the 850 dogs to a safe place we urgently need your help!

495€ Recaudados

72 Teamers

Teamer desde:  11/08/2020


SOS ANCIEN TEAMING FERME REOUVERTURE ICI KHADIJA Présidente de l'association AVPAE, possède un refuge sur AGADIR, elle sauve les chiens et chats des rues où ils sont torturés et tués! elle a ce jour recueilli 140 CHIENS et 80 CHATS, elle est seule sur place pour s'en occuper et ne reçoit aucune aide de l'état marocain ni d'aucune association! Avec d'autres bénévoles de France nous lui venons en aide mais nous avons besoin du soutien du plus grand nombre! https://www.facebook.com/douce.elio

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Teamer desde:  13/08/2020

Verein Hofffnung für Moson

Our association, consisting of 3 Tyrolean women, rescueing dogs from killingstations, from the chain and saving strays from the road all over Hungary. We provide them with medical care, pay for castration and fosterplaces - and then we are looking for a new lovely home. ______________________________________________________________________ FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/847546788736530 / PAYPAL: hoffnungfuermoson@hotmail.com / IBAN: AT81 1645 0004 4503 4096

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Teamer desde:  21/08/2020

Virtual Dogs

RESCUE A DOG FROM THE KILLING STATION IN URICANI (ROMANIA). By helping a shelter dog from Uricani Public Shelter in Romania, you help to rescue dogs that can no longer stay in the shelter and are on the kill station list. This public shelter is known as one of the most horrible places where dogs have to stay until they get a oneway ticket to the killing station. Few of these dogs are lucky enough to be adopted. But others stay without food and care.

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Teamer desde:  28/08/2020


L'association CHIENS SANS FRONTIERES a pour but de venir en aide aux chiens abandonnés d'AZERBAIDJAN . L'argent récolté permettra de soigner, nourrir et sauver les chiens de notre refuge à Bakou.

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13 Teamers

Teamer desde:  30/08/2020


Situación desesperada en el cementerio de Sevilla: más de 20 gatos raquíticos y enfermos, de los cuales 6 hembras siempre preñadas y muchos bebés, pasando hambre y calamidades varias. Es desastroso como están estos ángeles por falta de recursos económicos y ayuda fisica. Rogamos ayuda para capturar, castrar, curar, desparasitar, alimentar, etc. Miles de gracias por ayudarlos! Cuenta: ES1500730100560599547488 PAYPAL: cbermudezp2005@yahoo.es Titular: CARMEN BERMUDEZ Concepto: GATOS CEMENTERIO

354€ Recaudados

28 Teamers

Teamer desde:  08/09/2020

Strays Mauritius - by Rashila Vigneshwari Ramchurn

I collect donations for stray animals in Mauritius. With the group I want to support a friend of mine, Dr. Rashila Vigneshwari Ramchurn. She is a teacher in Mauritius and is one of the few private individuals that take care of stray animals there. This includes feeding, treating and neutering the countless animals that would have died long ago without her help. For over 10 years she has been providing the approximately 100 animals in her area daily with her own money, please help!

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Teamer desde:  14/09/2020

Animal SOS Sri Lanka

We provide quality veterinary care to stray animals as well as refuge and rehabilitation, in our beautiful free-roaming sanctuary in the south of Sri Lanka, providing a safe haven for sick, disabled and vulnerable stray dogs.

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Teamer desde:  17/09/2020

Ampa Maroc besoin de vous tous

BONJOUR , très heureux de vous annoncer la création de notre Association Marocaine Pour La Protection Des Animaux, de ce fait nous tenons à présenter nos principales missions et espérons avoir un avenir prometteur sur le terrain de la responsabilisation et de la prise de conscience du citoyen marocain sur la question animale. -Lutter contre la maltraitance et les abandons ​ -Recueillir et héberger les animaux errants le président Nourredine et le vice président remercie les donateurs

371€ Recaudados

25 Teamers

Teamer desde:  18/09/2020

Asociatia Pro Animals Romania

* MAINTAINING A SHELTER of over 1000 homeless dogs in Tg-Jiu without any help from the authorities. * SPAYING & NEUTERING of pets and stray dogs to control the dog and cat populations. * EDUCATING CHILDREN to understand the importance to treat animals well * HELPING ANIMALS IN NEED in the area e.g. feeding stray dogs, rescuing abandoned & abused animals, filing animal cruelty reports to the police and promoting awareness on animal rights.

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Teamer desde:  19/09/2020

Tierschutz Cezar Welfare

Die Tierschützerin Laura Cristea kümmert sich um Straßenhunde und -katzen in Rumänien, die ohne ihre Hilfe kaum eine Überlebens- chance hätten. Seit September 2013 betreibt die gelernte Tierarzthelferin ein Tierheim in Huedin in der Region Siebenbürgen (Rumänien). Anfang 2016 gründete sie den Verein „Asociatia Pentru Protectia Animalelor Cezar“. Doch ohne Unterstützung kann sie ihre so wichtige Arbeit nicht fortsetzen.

69€ Recaudados

12 Teamers

Teamer desde:  22/11/2020

Soutenons Myriam bénévole qui s occupe d animaux Kénitra Maroc

BONJOUR amis des animaux Myriam D bénévole s occupe de 42 chats et 20 chiens cette gentille personne a besoin d aide pour nourrir soigner et stériliser ses anges Elle se rend régulièrement dans plusieurs points de nourrissage et vous remercie pour ce don d un euro par mois qui sauve des vies Merci a tous

380€ Recaudados

70 Teamers

Teamer desde:  07/12/2020

Asociación y refugio para animales sin posibilidades ( ASRA )

Somos un refugio de animales en Muro de Alcoy. Tenemos casi 100 animales con enfermedades crónicas, con trauma y que están discapacitados. Somos una familia de 4 y trabajamos sin voluntarios.

33€ Recaudados

10 Teamers

Teamer desde:  13/01/2021

"Les chats des rues de Casablanca"

Association de protection féline basée en France. Au titre de l'aide/entraide, nous créons ce teaming afin d'aider les chats des rues, éventuellement des chiens, par le biais d'un petit groupe de bénévoles référencés, basé à Casablanca. Ceci est une cagnotte de soutien permanent dédié à aider au paiement des nombreuses factures vétérinaires, la priorité restant les frais de stérilisation.

30€ Recaudados

4 Teamers

Teamer desde:  17/01/2021

AGIR pour le bien être des animaux

BONJOUR amis des animaux L association Esperanza 36 a été créée pour venir en aide aux associations ,refuges et particuliers s occupant de la protection animale en FRANCE et à l étranger pour cela nous avons besoin de recueillir des fonds pour pouvoir nourrir stériliser et payer pensions(afin éviter les euthanasies aux animaux errants ) tout ce qui concerne l aide aux animaux dans le besoin un euro sauve des anges merci a tous pour votre générosité Jocelyne la présidente

123€ Recaudados

17 Teamers

Teamer desde:  14/02/2021


L'association a vocation a stériliser les animaux errants ou aider les personnes ayant très peu de moyens, afin de stopper la reproduction des animaux sur les sites de GUADELOUPE et éviter l'agonie des animaux. Des soins d'urgence, opérations peuvent aussi être pris en charge

76€ Recaudados

10 Teamers

Teamer desde:  16/02/2021


Asociación de protección animal SIN ÁNIMO DE LUCRO,cuyos objetivos son: -Concienciar a la sociedad de la necesidad de proteger,cuidar y buscar un futuro mejor a los animales abandonados(sobre todo gat@s ferales) -Proveer de alimento a las colonias de gat@s ferales y gestionarla de acuerdo con las BPHS(Buenas Prácticas higiénico-sanitarias) -Buscar acuerdos con las instituciones locales para que ejecuten el PROTOCOLO CER-M y colaboren con l@s cuidador@s y asociaciones que velan por su bienestar

21€ Recaudados

14 Teamers

Teamer desde:  19/02/2021

Cookies Pound Puppies

Towards the end of 2020 we rescued 51 puppies who were living in very poor conditions in the Commune Dog Pound in Agadir. These poor puppies were doomed and it broke our heart to leave them there.... so we rescued them. Sadly five puppies died, but all the puppies have had their first vaccines and received anti-parasite treatment and are growing and healthy. We need to complete their vaccinations, neuter them when they get older, keep them healthy and happy... then try and find homes for them

13€ Recaudados

8 Teamers

Teamer desde:  20/02/2021

Feed street dogs in Taghazout and Agadir

Desde marzo de 2020, Sunshine Animal Refuge ha estado enviando bolsas de comida para perros para ayudar a alimentar a los perros callejeros en Taghazout y Agadir. SARA tiene más de 1200 animales para alimentar en su refugio, pero hacen lo que puedan para ayudar a los perros en la calle. Nos cuesta casi 300 € al mes. Dependemos al 100% de las donaciones para cuidar a todos los animales que podamos. Ayude por favor donando solo 1 € al mes. Gracias

1.063€ Recaudados

30 Teamers

Teamer desde:  24/02/2021

Fundatia Sky

La Fondation Sky, basée à Iasi, se bat sur plusieurs fronts depuis plus de 15 ans. Outre le refuge où plus de 180 chiens, chats et chevaux se côtoient en liberté, elle envoie chaque matin la Clinique mobile dans les villages les plus pauvres afin de soigner gratuitement les animaux, qui ne sont d'ailleurs pas considérés comme tel. En plus de nourrir, vacciner, vermifuger, stériliser, sauver et abriter toutes ces âmes, Marianna doit faire face à l'indifférence voir la cruauté de la législation.

808€ Recaudados

40 Teamers

Teamer desde:  24/02/2021

SOS Refuge UMPA et Soins aux Animaux des Démunis

"Un coin de non-malheur, un coin de bonheur pour des êtres sans défense et résignés à leur triste sort " ou sont Soignés Gratuitement les Animaux des Déshérités : lourde charge au Quotidien Ce refuge permet à l'UMPA de recueillir les animaux abandonnés, vieux, errants, malades, blessés, les équidés maltraités, mal harnachés pliant sous des charges excessives Maintenir cet endroit où les animaux sont hébergés, protégés, soignés 200 chats, 200 chiens , 40 équidés

992€ Recaudados

72 Teamers

Teamer desde:  24/02/2021

Association d'Aide aux Animaux de Sabrina HAJJI

Malgré ses difficultés financières toujours présentes, Sabrina continue de sauver et soigner en Tunisie de nombreux chats et chiens abandonnés et maltraités. Ce sont maintenant 75 chiens et chiots et 225 chats qu'elle doit nourrir et les frais de nourrissage explosent...

32€ Recaudados

38 Teamers

Teamer desde:  10/03/2021

Friends of SOS KIEV ANIMAL SHELTER, Help Tamara & 1300 animals, Ukraine

For 24 years, this animal shelter has only functioned with international aid. Without regular donors, Tamara's shelter is constantly on the verge of bankruptcy: we must help her! In addition to the stress linked to the lack of regular funds in a country at war (7 years), Tamara, her 4 employees and her animals are regularly victims of violence from a local organisation of "dog hunters". First animal shelter in Ukraine, it homes more than 1,000 dogs and 300 cats.

13 Teamers

Teamer desde:  19/04/2021

Miriam, l' angelo dei pelosetti randagi albanesi

Creé este grupo para ayudar a Miriam Deliallisi, una voluntaria italiana, que vive en Albania, donde la situación de los animales es trágica, tanto para los perros callejeros como para la política del estado, que, como remedio a la situación, mata animales. . Ella, junto con su madre, pone alma, cuerpo y belleza para salvar y tratar a los perros callejeros, y luego adoptarlos fuera de Albania. Lamentablemente, recibe de Italia, nunca son suficientes, porque los gastos son muchos.