Cookies Pound Puppies

Cookies Pound Puppies

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Towards the end of 2020 we rescued 51 puppies who were living in very poor conditions in the Commune Dog Pound in Agadir. These poor puppies were doomed and it broke our heart to leave them there.... so we rescued them. Sadly five puppies died, but all the puppies have had their first vaccines and received anti-parasite treatment and are growing and healthy. We need to complete their vaccinations, neuter them when they get older, keep them healthy and happy... then try and find homes for them

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Cookies Pound Puppies

Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir

The team at SARA support all the animals in the city dog pound by providing food.... but also took the decision to rescue as many of the puppies collected as they could. They are currently looking after around 60 puppies. This adds a huge financial burden to the refuge. Not only are there 60 extra mouths to feed, but they need to be fed three times a day, so more staff are needed. They also need to be vaccinated and wormed and in a few month's time neutered. We need your help!

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