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Help Edina save animals in Sarajevo!

Edina spends all her time saving animals from the streets in Sarajevo. She is also a volunteer at Praca (horror) shelter where dogs do not get food, medical attention, water, etc. She tries to save as many as possible. In winter Edina feeds the strays at night. Edina has around 130 dogs and 90 cats under her care at pensions and tries to find them good homes. She cannot do this alone, please help her!

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Teamer desde:  23/01/2020

Phoenix Rehoming

Phoenix Rehoming is helping thousands of dogs and cats in need in Romania the Every Life Counts shelter counts on donations to pay vet bills, feed hundreds of animals every day and the keep the shelter running.

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Teamer desde:  07/04/2020

Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir

Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir provides safe refuge for over 900 former street dogs, 150 cats, and many rescued equines in the Agadir area. All donations will go to pay for the feeding, care and support of the animals in the refuge. Each month we have to find money to pay food bills, cover the wages of the minimal staff who care for the animals, fuel for the vehicle and any vet bills. If we have secure funding we can hire more staff and do more outreach and rescue work.

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Nos proporcionar/dar refugio y encontrar un nuevo hogar apropiado para descuidados, maltratados y arrojados a los perros en España. También perros de Almeria exterior pueden de nosotros.

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The Raggie Dog Retreat

We are not a formal refuge, just a couple, Hanna and Stephen, with a passion for helping dogs. Especially those that many other people discard. Based in France we have opened our home and hearts to many old and disabled dogs. Currently we have 20 dogs in our care. Your donations will be used to purchase every day essentials....washing powder, disinfectant, kitchen roll, training pads.

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Rhodes Animal Welfare Shelter

I discovered RAWS while vacationing on this beautiful island. The animals are there unfortunately often abused. The staff and volunteers of this shelter do their utmost to collect, care for, sterilize / castrate and make them adopted abroad where a better life expects them. 350 dogs are in this shelter designed for 100. but employees and volunteers are great. The shelter is in constant search of material donations but also of volunteers on site or of "flight companions". Thank you for your help!

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Yes We Can! Spays for Hope!

La esterilización y la castración son los métodos más humanos para reducir el sufrimiento de los perros y gatos que viven en las calles de Rumanía y de Grecia. De hecho, en todo el mundo. Por favor, únete a nosotros y ayúdanos a aumentar nuestro Grupo Teaming. ¡Un euro al mes marca la diferencia! JUNTOS podemos hacer la diferencia! Gracias!!!

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Rusmira’s Rescue

Rusmira is an animal rescuer in Bosnia, where cats and dogs are frequently cruelly treated and abandoned. She rescues abandoned puppies and kittens from the streets and keeps them safe in pension until they can be adopted across Europe. Rusmira currently looks after over 100 dogs and 120 cats. It costs her over 700 Euros a month just for food and kitty litter. Please help. Your euro will save a life. Thank you.

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Stichting Save a stray - Stray animal funding

Hi, we are Bianca & Dayony and Stichting Save a Stray is our charity which helps organizations and rescuers who are working with/for stray animals abroad. With the collected funds we support any organization or personal rescuer who needs help. We support randomly, just who needs it the most. We already supported projects in Spain, Greece, Maroc, Sri Lanka and Romania and many other countries. With your help we can do more! Will you be our next Teamer?

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ISLAND OF HOPE - Helping Animals Romania HAR

HAR is an NGO with headquarters in Bucharest, Romania and a shelter with over 300 dogs and 50 cats. The vision of HAR is to reduce the multiplication of the undesirable animals through neutering/spaying actions. HAR aim is to find a stable home for stray dogs and cats and provide care for ill/disabled/abused animals. The mission of HAR is to contribute through all its actions in diminishing the number of abandanimals (dogs and cats), fact that has reached a worrying quota in RO

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Cookies Pound Puppies

Towards the end of 2020 we rescued 51 puppies who were living in very poor conditions in the Commune Dog Pound in Agadir. These poor puppies were doomed and it broke our heart to leave them there.... so we rescued them. Sadly five puppies died, but all the puppies have had their first vaccines and received anti-parasite treatment and are growing and healthy. We need to complete their vaccinations, neuter them when they get older, keep them healthy and happy... then try and find homes for them

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Asociación y refugio para animales sin posibilidades ( ASRA )

Somos un refugio de animales en Muro de Alcoy. Tenemos casi 100 animales con enfermedades crónicas, con trauma y que están discapacitados. Somos una familia de 4 y trabajamos con 2 voluntarios.

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Woolly Woofters Association

Dear Doggie Lovers, We are a small Association who are passionate about helping dogs in need. The animals we help are strays who have been abandoned and neglected, most needing veterinary care and medication. Together our aim is to help as many dogs who are suffering through our fund raising activities. We achieve this by making and selling a range of handmade gifts. Please support us so we can continue to send help to the fantastic people who are saving lives. Association No W872011370