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Todos los que me conocéis personalmente o por las redes sociales podéis seguir todos los rescates y el día a día con todos los peludos rescatados. Es algo que hago encantada, pero mantenerlos a todos y cuidar de ellos no es fácil. Son muchos los gastos diarios que tengo para ellos y he decidido crear este grupo Teaming para quien quiera ayudar a con el proyecto de seguir salvando vidas.

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Forgotten dogs of Vilafranca (by Vrienden van Odena)

This year we discovered that about 20-25 dogs in the Vilafranca shelter are residing there since 2009 & 2010. Most of them are very social dogs and would be nice "house" dogs for their remaining life. It is our goal to get these dogs away from the shelter before the winter: stop their suffering, stop their exposure to the stress of the shelter and stop the lack of love and attention they had to deal with for more than 8 years now.

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SAVING DOGS FROM 21 YEARS Our goal is to raise money to save,feed,help the stray dogs and cats we saved frompublicshelters,streets,roads,fields,woods.dogs and cats abandoned which never had a good life and need our help We currently have 167 dogs and 32 cats in our care in four diffrent places because we cannot keep all in one place from lack of space.all babies in our care need food, sometimes treatments,vaccines but everyday we find more and more abandoned Only with peoples help we can save

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Save the Dogs and other Animals

Our mission is the prevention of stray dogs and cats’ overpopulation through neutering and pet protection. Born in Romania in 2002 to protect stray dogs, in 2012 the association inaugurated Footprints of Joy, a facility composed of shelters for abused dogs, cats, horses and donkeys and a veterinary clinic that will save about 2000 animals per year. In the future we will put our know-how at the service of Southern Italy with a dedicated project.

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Asociatia Save & Hope for Dogs

The association Save & Hope for Dogs is a Romanian association that rescues stray dogs from the street to offer them a life worthy of the name and proposes them for adoption. Each adopted lulu is repatriated with a European passport, castrated / neutered (except pups), chipped, vaccinated. We need your help for our project to build a new shelter, to accommodate a hundred loulous. Thanks for them.

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Asociación Valencia Perrera Dogs

AVPD, Asociación Valencia Perrera Dogs, are a registered charity in Spain (G98900228). Our objective is to find rescue spaces and other safe and caring opportunities for the dogs saved from perreras (dog pounds) and for those found abandoned on the street.

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Refugio Dogscity

Llevamos un pequeño refugio donde cuidamos de los peludos rescatados de las perreras y de la calle, muchos de ellos mayores y enfermos que requieren constantemente servicios veterinarios y medicamentos, necesitamos ayuda mas que nunca para poder afrontar los gastos que requiere llevar un refugio para animales abandonados, también queremos mejorar nuestras instalaciones, estamos en Mallorca y nos podeis encontrar por Facebook /Refugio Dogscity/, espero vuestro apoyo, gracias.

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We are dedicated to rescuing and re homing dogs and cats in Spain which is done solely on donations received from our members and fundraisers.

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Help the rescue dogs in Radauti/Romania

Please, please, don´t look away..With your micro donation will be supported the public shelter in Radauti. We want to raise enough each month to cover the basics: to ensure the dogs are fed (the food costs are about 100 € daily), sterilised and that any medicines needed can be provided so please sign up. It’s just a regular monthly payment of 1 euro. It´s so little but if we all do it, together we can achieve something huge…

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Saving the Street Dogs

I want to help “Saving the Street Dogs”, a group created to help the street dogs in Romania and Bosnia, and to rescue those that are in public shelters. Marin-Natasa Ivanovic cares for a constant number of dogs that she has rescued, that need continued food and veterinary care. With the support of other volunteers Marin prepares the rescued dogs for foster and rehoming in various countries. The group relies donations and I hope this Teaming group will ensure a regular income can be generated.

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Almeria Perrera Dogs

This group is organised by volunteers who seek to save the lives of dogs in urgent need - whether ill, terrified, or on death row in Almeria Perrera. The Pererra is run by local authorities, and when it is full the animals are sacrificed. We try to find rescue spaces and adoptions for all the dogs and raise money to take dogs out who very sadly and through no fault of their own find themselves in urgent need at the Perrera in Almeria.

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The Forgotten Dogs Of Rural Spain

I am starting this group hoping to raise funds which will be available to the rescue on a regular basis to help with the very basic essentials such as food, sawdust, vets bills . The needs are great and the bills are high this refuge in rural Spain really struggles on a daily basis.

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Abused dogs from Sarajevo

I am Alma Kovacevic and I was forced to rescue 4 dogs from the street due to their awful condition in which I found them in my neighborhood. They were abused by people, tortured, sick and starving. I didn't have heart to leave them like that .They are currently at 2 small private shelters and my goal is to help them find a save and nice home abroad when the become fine. Generally, Bosnia and Herzegovina has a quite good Law on Animal Welfare and Protection but it has not been implementing :(

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Rescue Group for Spanish Animals & ALMA

Our group saves the mistreated and abandonned animals mostly in Granada in Spain. The group has been run for many years by Maria Gloria Salinas-Picon. All dogs that we take on as a group are taken first to the vet and treated irrespective of costs. For those who cannot go to a foster residency is paid which is 90E each month. All dogs will have a full health check, micro-chips and vaccinations as well as a passport. Pictures and videos are published on the FaceBook page of the group.