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Help for the Breasta dogs in Craiova

Breasta is a kill shelter in Craiova, Romania. With this Teaming Group I want to help several rescuers in Craiova with spaying, vet bills and getting those dogs out of this terrible shelter, to give them a chance to a new happy and loving life ❤

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Yes We Can! Spays for Hope!

La stérilisation est la méthode la plus humaine pour réduire la souffrance des chiens et des chats vivant dans les rues de Roumanie, de Grèce. En fait partout. Rejoignez-nous et aidez-nous à augmenter notre Groupe Teaming - un euro par mois fait toute la différence ! ENSEMBLE, nous pouvons faire la différence ! Nous vous remercions !!!

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Teamers for Animals in Distress

So many animals living in hard conditions, worldwide.. And there is so much we cannot do. But there is still a little we cán do! By this group we help dedicated, deeply motivated people who do help those animals in need, with a donation for food, medical costs, other urgent requests. Rescuers supported by charities like Dierennood, WereldAsielen, Dierencentrum Friesland, Help Honden Roemenië. It will cost us only one euro a month. But it does help. Thank you!!

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Stichting Hulp aan dieren in nood

Wij helpen minima bij hoge incidentele kosten voor hun huisdieren (operaties, sterilisaties/castraties, euthanasie/crematie of noodzakelijk bezoek aan dierenarts). Dat doen we al heel wat jaren en de nood wordt steeds groter. Iedere euro helpt dus vandaar dit initiatief. Helpt u ons helpen?

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Smeura - Tierhilfe Hoffnung helfen aufzuklären, Überpopulation durch Kastra

As per Guinnes Book of World Rekords the Smeura is bearing the mournful title of being the biggest animal shelter of the world. Around 5400 dogs and 600 puppies need around 2.7 tonnes food per day. The staff members are doing an inconceivable job - organizationally, physically and emotionally. Driving around with a castration van and pushing the clearing up of the locals. Every euro is needed. There are some pictures in the project description.

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Happy Dog Maspalomas Gran Canaria

Sylvia den Donker zet zich vrijwillig in voor mishandelde, gedumpte en ter dode opgeschreven honden, welke vaak maanden in een hok in het dodingstation wachten op hun (nare) einde. Zij vangt de honden liefdevol op en geeft de noodzakelijke medische hulp en tijd om te herstellen om vervolgens een warme mand voor ze te zoeken in NL en/of Belgie. Happy Dog is volledig afhankelijk van donaties, deze zullen naar haar prive overgemaakt worden.. DONEER SLECHTS 1 EURO PER MAAND!!!

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Love All Strays

Wij zamelen geld in, zodat we financiële hulp kunnen bieden aan mensen die zich bekommeren om zwerfdieren in oa Roemenië en Spanje.

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Svetlana die inmiddels 95 honden gered heeft , heeft jullie keihard nodig!! Svetlana redt alleen de gewonde, zieke, kansloze van de straten van Bosnië. Deze honden moeten van fosters naar haar eigen veilige plek komen. Maandelijks kost dit geld voor voer, dierenarts kosten, sterilisaties, bouwwerk van kennels. Help alsjeblieft mee met jouw euro per maand en laten we een groot team worden.

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Oud en kansloos/old and unwanted/velho e hipoteses

Dogs found in asylum who really have no chance to find a 4ever home are placed in 4ever fosterhomes, funded with sponsormoney and donations. Money is tight so let's help with a steady cashflow zo all oldtimers can have their checkups, medication and special care they need so badly. Group founded by Sytske Nijkamp.

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Help the dogs from Public Shelter Breasta, Romania

A group created to help the dogs and puppies, condemned to death in the Public Shelter Breasta. Your monthly contribution will pay for food and veterinary treatment and help the volunteers save as many dogs as possible. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1275710212545827/

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Asociación HADA

Group created to raise funds for the animals of the municipal kennel of Huelva, and thus be able to offer an opportunity to find them a home. We have signed an agreement with the city of Huelva, to be able to carry out our work and be an alternative for these animals. With the money obtained we carry out deworming, vaccinations, sterilizations, analyses, treatments, etc. Visit us on https://www.facebook.com/asociacionhada - www.asociacionhada.org

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Mirela Mistodinis

Mirela Mistodinis is a Romanian Dog rescuer and has 160 stray dogs in her care. Mirela runs a registered NGO with headquarter in a small village named Bizighesti in the County Vrancea. Financial help is needed to build a Lodge to shelter Mirela's rescued dogs, to buy food, to pay veterinary expenses such as medicines, vaccinations, deworming, anti-fleas, surgeries or skin diseases. Be part of the project by supporting Mirela and.