Oud en kansloos/old and unwanted/velho e hipoteses

Oud en kansloos/old and unwanted/velho e hipoteses

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Dogs found in asylum who really have no chance to find a 4ever home are placed in 4ever fosterhomes, funded with sponsormoney and donations. Money is tight so let's help with a steady cashflow zo all oldtimers can have their checkups, medication and special care they need so badly. Group founded by Sytske Nijkamp.

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Old and unwanted

Natasja Wijnrox

Sytske coordinates the old and unwanted project. She knows where the money is needed. Either transport, medical tests or medication, special feed for the old dogs under her loving wings. Facebook page: Oud en kansloos/ old and unwanted/ velho e sem hipoteses/

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Natasja Wijnrox
Natasja Wijnrox
Teaming Manager

21/07/2019 11:39 h

Old dogs, no chance to get out of the shelter or asylum...some get seen by sytske Nijkamp and get a 4ever fosterplace. To be able to see to their needs money is needed. Please help her raise funds for transport, tests and medication!

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