Teamers for Animals in Distress

Teamers for Animals in Distress

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So many animals living in hard conditions, worldwide.. And there is so much we cannot do. But there is still a little we cán do! By this group we help dedicated, deeply motivated people who do help those animals in need, with a donation for food, medical costs, other urgent requests. Rescuers supported by charities like Dierennood, WereldAsielen, Dierencentrum Friesland, Help Honden Roemenië. It will cost us only one euro a month. But it does help. Thank you!!

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Moe's Shelter in Lebanon urgently needs help!

Stichting Dierennood

Lebanon, with so many difficulties a hard country for people. For animals it is even worse. Just outside Beirut Moe Diab and his brother Ravik every day are working on a better, safe life for dogs and cats. As the situation is so very bad, and fuel, food for anyone hardly is available or extremely expensive, they see more and more breed dogs arriving in the shelter. They don't give up. But they definitely need a lot of help to be able to continue. If you want to help, you can also donate directly to Dierennood. Details you find in the link. Thank you so, so much!!!

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Annemera Wienke
Annemera Wienke
Teaming Manager

11/12/2021 11:37 h

Dear Friends, beste Teamers,

Changes ahead! After doing this a couple of years, as from January 2022 I would like to use this group in a way that we can also donate to charities like WereldAsielen, Dierennood and several others. In order to do so, end of this month the name of this group will be changed into ´Teamers for Animals in Distress´. Funds will be used for emergency requests, food, straw, medical help, etc. Depending on how many Teamers we will be, we will donate each month or every other month. So, the more we are, the more we can do!

Occasionally we will still donate to Stichting Dierencentrum Friesland. If in future you prefer to donate to this charity only, please use the regular bancaccount. You will find it in the link below. I think any monthly donation of at least 2 euro or more would be very welcome.

Also the funds of this year will go to Stichting Dierencentrum Friesland.

For any questions, please write me by mail or by chat on Facebook. I sincerely hope most of you will stay to make this world a little bit easier, better, less painful for animals (and their helpers) worldwide.

Wishing everyone the best and in good health.
And thank you all for your loyal help! Thank you!!

(Annemiek & Mera)

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Annemera Wienke
Annemera Wienke
Teaming Manager

28/12/2020 10:56 h

Dear friends, beste Teamers,

Yesterday donated to the urgent request of Stichting Dierencentrum Friesland. They have to find another location in short time. And need funds! All small bits will help, so also the 178 euro we now donated. Please read the original post on Facebook.
If you can help in other ways...

Thank you for helping and wishing you all the best for 2021, in good health!

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