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SoS Zwerfhonden

We are a group of volunteers who help stray dogs of Antalya (Turkey), who live in terrible conditions: they are run over or shot at for fun, chained up, maltreated, starved and hurt. The non-profit organisation is headed by Marina and Linn, who run a shelter and feeding grounds in Antalya. They catch the dogs that are incapable of surviving on their own, give them food and the medical care they need and find them a good home abroad.

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Antalya's straatsukkeltjes

Whe are taking care of the street animals from Antalya and Alanya and even Ankara.Whe also visite dogshelters,and ask what the food, medication ect...Castration and sterilization is the most important thing whe must do.So please help us to do what whe have to do....Whe feed the street animals and also go to the vet if the needed treatment.Please help us to help this poor children.

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Friends For Second Hand Paws

FFSHP is an organisation that helps dogs in need in Romania, they organise foodtransports, rescues and they try to find new homes for the hopeless dogs that live on the streets or in shelters in Romania. They are the voice for those that would go unheard, unseen and unloved. These dogs find a new life and a chance at true happiness, thanks to FFSHP and of course with YOUR support :)

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Sasha shelter Serbia

Sasha takes care of 750 unwanted dogs .. – this has never been his dream - but the dogs are there, waiting for food, waiting for help.. every day..again. The dogs are kept in packs, they run free for 8 hours per day, they eat, rest and play together. They are safe. Safe from the dangers of the street and humans. We help them with food and basic medication. We also run a sterilization program and try to improve care for the old and weaker dogs and abandoned pups.

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Love4paws rescue and rehoming vzw

Wij zamelen in voor rescue hondjes te helpen. Voeding ,adoptie , vaccinaties, operaties transport , alles om hun bij te staan .

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Scooby Medina

Scooby, Sdad. Protectora de Animales y Medioambiente, lleva más de 30 años dedicada a la protección de animales. Ha sido en el siglo XXI y gracias al apoyo internacional recibido, cuando se nos ha conocido fuera de España, sobre todo difundiendo las noticias sobre las atrocidades cometidas con los Galgos Españoles. Scooby es un refugio privado, un gran paraíso para toda clase de animales, lo que significa que sin vuestra ayuda y apoyo no sería posible su existencia.

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Lina's Animal Rescue - Serbia

Lina's is a small rescue in Serbia, caring for 40+ dogs at its shelter and in boarding accommodation. The running costs per month amount to over 1200 Euros and that is without any vet bills or unexpected expenses. Help is needed to cover these monthly costs, to keep the dogs safe and fed, there is ALWAYS a shortfall meaning a constant game of 'catch up'. If the costs are not covered, the dogs are at risk of being returned to the streets where they are at risk of capture by the dog catchers

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Oud en kansloos/old and unwanted/velho e hipoteses

Dogs found in asylum who really have no chance to find a 4ever home are placed in 4ever fosterhomes, funded with sponsormoney and donations. Money is tight so let's help with a steady cashflow zo all oldtimers can have their checkups, medication and special care they need so badly. Group founded by Sytske Nijkamp.

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NeStra e.V. Ihr helft uns herrenlosen, ungewollten Tieren zu helfen

Über 10 Jahre haben wir uns auf der Insel Kreta um ungewollte, entsorgte, kranke und alte Hunde und Katzen gekümmert. Leider mussten wir Kreta verlassen und sind mit unseren Tieren in Frankreich sesshaft geworden. Viele unserer Tiere sind unvermittelbar aufgrund von Erkrankungen oder Verhaltensstörungen. Somit gibt es keine Chance auf ein Zuhause für sie. Sie benötigen oft Tierarztbesuche, Analysen und Spezialfutter. Da wir ein sehr kleiner Verein sind, sind wir auf Spenden dringend angewiesen!

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TSV Angels for Strays e.V.

Unterwegs sind wir in Rumänien und betreuen dort mit unserem Team ein kleines privates Shelter. Zu unseren Aufgaben gehören regelmäßige Fütterung Touren der dort an Ketten lebenden Hunde, welche von niemandem versorgt werden! Wir sichern kranke und verletzte Tiere aus den Bergen. Da wir in unserem Team auch eine Tierärztin vor Ort haben, welche die Touren immer mit begleitet, können diese Tiere auch gleich Professionell versorgt werden!

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Ons adoptiehoekje

Wij vangen zwerfkatten/kittens/pups/honden op en gaan op zoek naar een gouden mandje. Wij vangen ook regelmatig gehandicapte dieren op, omdat wij ook hen het gevoel gunnen van twee veilige armen. Dit alles kost veel geld aan voornamelijk dierenartskosten, dus iedere euro is super gewenst! We foster stray cats & dogs and find them a new home. We regularly take in disabled animals because we also want them to feel the warmth of two safe arms. So a lot of mainly vet expenses, so every euro is great

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Podencos y Más

Podencos y Más es un grupo de reciente creación que surge de la necesidad de dar a conocer a estos magnificos compañeros y de la indignación de ver como esta raza es maltratada, vejada e ignorada... Aunque también ayuda a otras razas y especies. Nos dedicamos al rescate, rehabilitacion física y mental del animal y a su posterior búsqueda de adopciones responsables. Gracias por ayudarnos a ayudar. Siguenos en facebook Tlf 605580520 mail:

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Future4dogs is a small Non-Profit organisation, with people who already have experience in the rescue world. The Non-Profit Association was founded to help sick, found and neglected dogs (and cats) in Romania to live a better life. We also donate to various shelters that can use food, blankets, baskets...,very well. Among other things, the shelter in Arad APAM Animals Sanctuary. We try to help in the expenses there are for nutrition, sterilization/castration , vet costs, .....