Lina's Animal Rescue - Serbia

Lina's Animal Rescue - Serbia

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Lina's is a small rescue in Serbia, caring for 40+ dogs at its shelter and in boarding accommodation. The running costs per month amount to over 1200 Euros and that is without any vet bills or unexpected expenses. Help is needed to cover these monthly costs, to keep the dogs safe and fed, there is ALWAYS a shortfall meaning a constant game of 'catch up'. If the costs are not covered, the dogs are at risk of being returned to the streets where they are at risk of capture by the dog catchers

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Julie Lewis
Teaming Manager

25/03/2018 15:10 h

Hello fellow 'Teamers'
Thanks for joining the group to help Jelena and the dogs at Lina's Animal Rescue.
By now, your first Euro donation should have left your bank account so we have 5 Euros banked towards the cause.
As you all know, 5 Euros won't go far, so we need to try and recruit more people!! The more that join, the more money we raise and the less effort (longer term) will be needed for funding the food project.
Please let me know if you feel able to recruit new members, we really do need them and if each one we recruit goes on to add more members, we'll soon be flying along :o)
Any questions please get in touch or check out the FAQs on the site.
Take care and Happy Easter!

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