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Support Anja Biezeman's Stray Animals

Anja Biezeman is a lovely Dutch woman, living in Pilion, Greece, taking care of stray animals. A lot of them stay in her own home, others are still strays around her house, but Anja looks after them with food and support when needed. She tries her best with the minimum funds she has, to make sure the animals are fed and healthy. Most of her personal income does she spend at food, vetbills, catsand and deworming pills. Please help Anja!

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Stichting Save a stray - Stray animal funding

Hi, we are Bianca & Dayony and Stichting Save a Stray is our charity which helps organizations and rescuers who are working with/for stray animals abroad. With the collected funds we support any organization or personal rescuer who needs help. We support randomly, just who needs it the most. We already supported projects in Spain, Greece, Maroc, Sri Lanka and Romania and many other countries. With your help we can do more! Will you be our next Teamer?

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Svetlana die inmiddels 95 honden gered heeft , heeft jullie keihard nodig!! Svetlana redt alleen de gewonde, zieke, kansloze van de straten van Bosnië. Deze honden moeten van fosters naar haar eigen veilige plek komen. Maandelijks kost dit geld voor voer, dierenarts kosten, sterilisaties, bouwwerk van kennels. Help alsjeblieft mee met jouw euro per maand en laten we een groot team worden.

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Cats of Curacao

To this day, I care for 192 cats on a daily basis, on the Island of Curacao. They are cared for by providing food and water, medical care, Spay and Neuter Programs (TNR). I also take care of community cats, by trapping them and make sure they are spayed and neutered. Furthermore I educate the islanders on how to take care of their feline friends. Donations will be collected by Stichting Save a Stray, and they tranfer the money to Cats of Curacao.

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Usko's Nest Dog Shelter - Dalida - Bosnia

Dalida is a lawyer from Sarajevo who has been involved in protection of animals for more than 15 years and she is one of the rescuers and activists with most experience in Bosnia. Dalida and her mom take care of 140 saved dogs and cats in their shelter Usko's Nest Dog. They really need help with the costs for food, vetbills, medication and supplements, deworming and defleaing, and to hire a worker to help out Dalida's mum, who is working so hard, but can't keep up on her own. Help is needed!

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Stichting Hulp aan dieren in nood

Wij helpen minima bij hoge incidentele kosten voor hun huisdieren (operaties, sterilisaties/castraties, euthanasie/crematie of noodzakelijk bezoek aan dierenarts). Dat doen we al heel wat jaren en de nood wordt steeds groter. Iedere euro helpt dus vandaar dit initiatief. Helpt u ons helpen?

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TANAMERA Hunting Dog Rescue

Tanamera rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes Spanish hunting dogs. Without exception, they enter our shelter being only skin and bones and food is their first need. Our refuge suffers to pay the food bill for our dogs, that often need special food (liver / heart problems, recovery & puppy food). On average we need 335 euros PER MONTH to be able to give them the food they need. We need your help to ensure we can feed our dogs, not only today, but every month. Please help us feed them. Thank you!

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Stichting Strays Meet Holland

You cant save all dogs of the world but you can save the world of 1 dog. Together we can make the lives of a lot of dogs and cats so much better. Our foundation exists only from volunteers. We help stray animals in the Netherlands, Spain and Roemenia Please help us help those animals who needs our help. For just 1 euro you already make a difference. Look at our website; or fb:

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Catties Angels

Catties Angels is opgericht om (zwerf)katten in nood te helpen in voornamelijk Roemenië. Ook zetten wij ons daar in om zwerfkatten te neutraliseren, zodat er op lange termijn minder dierenleed voor komt.

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Vzw Azura

Vzw Azura bekostigt zware medische kosten van katjes zonder eigenaar bij kleine organisaties. Dit kan gaan van een aangereden katje met breuken tot een ooramputatie bij bv. een witte kat met oorkanker. Op deze manier helpen we de kleine organisaties het hoofd boven water te houden door deze kosten van hen over te nemen. Verder verdelen we regelmatig voedselpakketten en kopen we couveuses en andere nuttige zaken aan voor deze organisaties.

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Help Edina save animals in Sarajevo!

Edina spends all her time saving animals from the streets in Sarajevo. She is also a volunteer at Praca (horror) shelter where dogs do not get food, medical attention, water, etc. She tries to save as many as possible. In winter Edina feeds the strays at night. Edina has around 130 dogs and 90 cats under her care at pensions and tries to find them good homes. She cannot do this alone, please help her!

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Catties angels - PS Boldesti

This group is made to raise funds for PS Boldesti. All donations raised through this group will be used to buy food for the dogs that are in PS Boldesti.

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Cats Because we Care

We are a small non profit organisation who helps street cats in Athens and Thessaloniki in Greece. We help them find homes in Holland and Belgium and by donations and adoptions we help their Greek fosters to pay for their vet cost , food and flights . We also foster Greek stray cats in Holland until they find a Forever Home. Donations and fees go in to a private account we made to pay the cost with. Team Cats because we care.

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No tenemos albergue, y nuestros animales están temporalmente en casas particulares, pero también seguiremos ayudando a los que están en las perreras Municipales. Esperamos seguir salvando a muchos animales como hasta ahora. No tenemos subvenciones oficiales. No tenemos ánimo de lucro, todo el dinero que conseguimos es para pagar la comida, atenciones veterinarias (vacunas, operaciones, microchip, castraciones)

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Volunteer run animal shelter, with a big focus on neutering stray cats and dogs in order to reduce the huge suffering, for the many animals on the streets. Our shelter is a haven for animals that need help. With 30,000 feral cats we need to neuter as many as we can. We also help dog/cat owners on a low income to neuter their animals, saving them ending up on the streets. More info on our Facebook page -

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Help street cats Greece with Greek Cat Care Foundation!

This group and our charity is dedicated, to helping street cats of Greece. Since 2017 we focus on the island of Lesvos, (from 2010- 2016 we set up help for street cats of Samos) We are 100 % volunteers, and we can only help the street cats with donations. With your donation of 1 euro, you can participate in helping the street cats by our sterilisations, emergency and, vet help, necessary care and a safe place for weak and wounded cats and kittens, providing food and shelter, saving lives.

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Group created to help dogs in Public Shelter Boldesti - Scaieni, Romania. We have in our care an constant number of dogs, as weekly more dogs are brought into the public shelter from the streets. Dogs that are in the public shelter for more than 2 weeks and not adopted, will be on the kill list. Our goal is to be able to prepare the dogs for adoption while are in the public shelters, and international adoption direct from PS to be possible.

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Support the dogs at Angels Garden

At ANGELS GARDEN (a private shelter), Xanthi, Greece, 110 rescued stray or mistreated dogs need food and medical care every day before they will be adopted. There is no hot water, nor electricity... The shelter also really needs to be renovated! When it rains the dogs are in the mud, the dog houses are old and roofs damaged... PAWSOME PETS is a foundation in The Netherlands wich supports the shelter and helps to find homes for their dogs. Please team up by donating €1 each month!

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Help Gabriela and her dogs - Roemenië

Gabriela runs a dog shelter in Romania. She is entirely dependent on donations. Gabriela takes care of 75 a 80 dogs on her own. Care such as medical costs, food are expensive for 75 to 80 dogs. Help Gabriela to feed the dogs every month !