Save a Mastin and Little Paws teaminggroup

Save a Mastin and Little Paws teaminggroup

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Since 2015 we are rescuing mastins and since last year we took also some little dogs in our care from Spain. We are non profit forganisation and we completly depend on donations. We are in this group with more then 6200 members!!! If only 10% would sponsor 1euro a month , that is less then a cup a coffee and we could help so many more!!

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save a mastin

We are helping mastins, but we are non profit. If we had a monthly ammount of teamers that would help us so much. Our group is growing and we are over the 5000 members in save a mastin! So dear members can we count on you for 1e a month?? Its less then a cup of coffee and you are saving lives with it

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