Help Edina save animals in Sarajevo!

Help Edina save animals in Sarajevo!

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Edina spends all her time saving animals from the streets in Sarajevo. She is also a volunteer at Praca (horror) shelter where dogs do not get food, medical attention, water, etc. She tries to save as many as possible. In winter Edina feeds the strays at night. Edina has around 130 dogs and 90 cats under her care at pensions and tries to find them good homes. She cannot do this alone, please help her!

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Animals in need in Sarajevo

Chantal Durlacher for Edina Pasic

The contributions will be send to Edina Pasic who is saving dogs and cats in Sarajevo. She will buy food, go to the vet and search for foster and adoptive homes. As Edina does not have a bank account i will make sure she will get the payments via PayPal.

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Chantal Durlacher
Teaming Manager

08/11/2021 07:55 h

Hello all, a big welcome to the new Teamers!
Last two months I tried to save the Teaming amount to buy deworming for Edina.
Somebody from NL could take it with her when picking up/adopting a cat. Unfortunately the transport was delayed and Edina could really need some help so I transferred the amount into a matching action do that it was doubled for Edina. This month I see Edina rescued an abused dog, Edie. Will send her the money to pay vet costs. Thanks again for Teaming up and please share the group in your network!

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Jenny Adriaanse
Jenny Adriaanse

01/07/2020 13:14 h

Lets share this group please?

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Janet Hurst

22/04/2018 22:37 h

Hi Chantal, I've just joined the teaming group for Edina!! Happy to help with s regular €1 each month xx

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