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A voluntary initiative based in Athens, Greece, in order to limit the number of stray cats living in terrible circumstances in the streets of Athens. Our mission is to conduct TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return)-programs and to find a loving home in Europe for the cats that won't survive outside, for example due to health issues, disabilities.

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Jo Vandendries

Athens Stray Kittens goal is to neuter stray cats in Athens and to find a home for the cats that wont survive in the streets (blind cats, three legged cats, cats suffering from epilepsy, renal problems, ...). We know we only can help the cats when we have TNR as our first priority. This is our main goal. With so many strays around the world, its almost impossible to rehome them all. We need you to reach this, as all volunteers are private persons with low income. Greece rescuers dont get state support. Sp please become a member and let us try to make life better for the strays. Thank you in name of the Greek Strays and their rescuers.

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Joke Vandendries
Teaming Manager

07/10/2022 13:51 h

Thanks to the help of GAR we managed quite some neuterings the last 2 months. The truth is that behind TNR, there is always a background.
GAR pays for the neuterings only. Pet taxi needs to be paid and all surgeries or hospitalization that come across the program.
This time for the 80 cats we ended up with an extra amount of 700e.
The "outsider" cases were:
- 1 blind kitten
- 2 one eye kittens
- a feral adult cat with low haematocrit and neurological symptoms
- a cat with teeth problem

The vet does only neuterings in a minimal space, so all the rest go to a clinic to have one anaesthesia and do everything together.

Your help by donating € 1,= a month is therefor so important, it helps us to help those special need kittens

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Louise Kuijt
Louise Kuijt

22/05/2022 10:33 h

Thank you for doing what you do, it must be so hard on you, not only the neuterings, but also helping the injured ones. Came across the story of NEMO, such a sad one. Hoping people are willing to donate something more then only € 1 a month.[0]=AZUTmEOiW4FsKjeCVynHZlOFadH8zJWUgNn3fNdRPpbr59-EnIMEKlNrgUJloC-pk-fu044-1LkvK40_qh00yjdKa2m-xESA3BsMod4JkCCI3uH363iYeWTFut_RVn7P69E&__tn__=-UK-R

For Paypal donations in PayPal:
Bankaccount Athens Stray Kittens BE90 7360 0295 53, KREDBEBB
IG #AthensStrayKittens

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Louise Kuijt
Louise Kuijt

06/03/2022 14:08 h

Dear People,
We really need you here. A couple of weeks ago there was a cry for help. 3 ladies with psychological issues have over 60 cats, most unneutered and sick cats. Bills not paid, the situation is terrible. ASK stepped forward, but they can't do it alone. When having facebook, you can follow all by following this link. We really need your support. Every euro is one.

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