Athens Stray Kittens

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Louise Kuijt
Louise Kuijt, Teamer, el 22/05/2022  a las 10:33h

Thank you for doing what you do, it must be so hard on you, not only the neuterings, but also helping the injured ones. Came across the story of NEMO, such a sad one. Hoping people are willing to donate something more then only € 1 a month.[0]=AZUTmEOiW4FsKjeCVynHZlOFadH8zJWUgNn3fNdRPpbr59-EnIMEKlNrgUJloC-pk-fu044-1LkvK40_qh00yjdKa2m-xESA3BsMod4JkCCI3uH363iYeWTFut_RVn7P69E&__tn__=-UK-R

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