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A voluntary initiative based in Athens, Greece, in order to limit the number of stray cats living in terrible circumstances in the streets of Athens. Our mission is to conduct TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return)-programs and to find a loving home in Europe for the cats that won't survive outside, for example due to health issues, disabilities.

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Jo Vandendries

Athens Stray Kittens' goal is to neuter stray cats in Athens and to find a home for the cats that won't survive in the streets (blind cats, three legged cats, cats suffering from epilepsy, renal problems, ...).

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Joke Vandendries
Teaming Manager

10/03/2020 16:03 h

Little Sevin needs your help!
Sevin is a 10-month-old kitten that was found in the streets of Athens. He was limping and approaching people for cuddles. We took him to the vet where an X-ray revealed an older fracture from an accident.
Surgery is needed and scheduled on 19th March in order to prevent early arthritis.
Cost: 250 Euros, adding up to the other surgeries of Pier and Nemo.
On top of that his left eye is watery due to an injury. Once his hip has recovered, he will possibly need eye surgery as well.
So young and life has already been so hard for him.
Sevin is such a sweet and adorable boy. He deserves a happy and joyful future without any pain.
With your help we can make this happen!
A huge thank you from Sevin!

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Louise Kuijt
Louise Kuijt

22/11/2021 09:21 h

Please, help ASK to pay the Vetbill of Amber,Belle and Hope.
3 little girls who went through a lot already.
What they share? All 3 were found with infections in their eyes. Sadly enough we didn't found them in time to save their eyes with antibiotics.
Despite our low means of donations we had to operate them, so they would be painfree and could grow up safely without to many issues.
Leaving us with a Vetbill of € 480,= still to pay.
When you would like to spend a little bit towards their costs, Amber, Belle and Chloe would be very gratefull, and ofcourse also their rescuers.
Make a difference, be a part.
Donations can be done through PayPal, be sure you donate through friends or family otherwise they will keep a percentage.
Adress is: or
Or use our Belgium bankaccount:
Athens Stray Kittens
BE90 7360 0295 5332
Mentioning: Vetcosts of Amber, Belle and Chloe.
Thank you.

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Louise Kuijt
Louise Kuijt

06/09/2021 10:55 h

Thank you all for joining us.
Luckily Athina escaped from the fires herself,but she fostered some of the kittens found in those areas. Some sadly didn't make it, others are still recovering from the burned parts/paws and their respiratory problems.
Last weekend there was a neutering program again and many kittens were helped. No more unwanted kittens anymore for them.

Thanks to your donations, we could help some more and having the number of strays down. Please forward our news to friends and family so they are willing to join. <3

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