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Asociation Codite Fericite

The Codite Fericite Association has the main purpose of animal protection, sterilizationn and adoption ! We saved abandoned animals from the street or Public Shelter Adjud , we treated them and then we gave them in adoption. As a main objective and always at the center of our activity, there are animals in limit situations: sick animals, abandoned, ill-treated, with or without the owner. We will not succeed alone, with the minimum resources we have for this reason we need help.

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To donate 1€ a month, please sign up with an e-mail address and a credit card. Your bank will withdraw the equivalent of 1€, monthly. There is no commission, all transactions are encrypted and thus secure. Pentru a deveni microdonator TAC, vă creați un cont, cu o adresă de e-mail și datele unui card bancar, o singură dată. Banca dvs. va retrage lunar echivalentul a 1 euro/4,9 lei, fără să mai fie nevoie să reveniți aici. Orice nelămurire:

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Our daily work is meant to improve the lives of the stray animals around us. For this we work on many sides, but our main objective is SPAY. We aim to build a center/clinic that will ensure the resources for ample spaying campaigns and patient admission, which will allow us to provide post-op care to our patients, and most importantly, allow us to continue our spaying campaigns even in the coldest months of the year.

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Sanctuarul Nima

Founded in October 2018, Nima Sanctuary is Romania’s first farm animals’ sanctuary, currently hosting 23 truly happy cows, 3 rescue horses, one donkey, 2 lambs, 11 rescue hens and 3 pigs, living on a 52.000 sqm haven at the bottom of the Fagaras Mountains Southern slopes.