Asociation Codite Fericite

Asociation Codite Fericite

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The Codite Fericite Association has the main purpose of animal protection, sterilizationn and adoption ! We saved abandoned animals from the street or Public Shelter Adjud , we treated them and then we gave them in adoption. As a main objective and always at the center of our activity, there are animals in limit situations: sick animals, abandoned, ill-treated, with or without the owner. We will not succeed alone, with the minimum resources we have for this reason we need help.

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TAC Romania

TAC Romania

TAC is a veterinary non-governmental organization in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the first of its kind in the country. We work for low-income pet owners, stray dogs & cats and animal welfare charities in Romania and abroad. We are vets, animal advocates in Europe, tutors for veterinary students and local innovators of the social veterinary medicine field. Your 1 euro trust is invaluable to us. Thank you. Please visit our Facebook page to see what we do with your kind help:

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