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Tierhilfe Costa del Almeria e.V.

Every day countless dogs in Spain fight for their survival. In killing stations, on the roadside - often thrown away like garbage. Terrified, ill and neglected, our partner organization SOS Adopota picks up these animals. We support the work on site and look for our animals a new home in Germany. Support our work, give the animals a future! Only together can we achieve something and provide active animal welfare.

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Angelitos Vagabundos

Angelitos Vagabundos es una asociación protectora de animales establecida en Nijar Almeria cuyo objetivo es ayudar y rescatar a animales en peligro y en situaciones de abandono, desamparo y maltrato

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Animal Fénix B.G

Rescatamos,salvamos,acogemos,curamos y mantenemos a perr@s maltratados y abandonados

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ArgAnimal es una asociación de protección animal que se dedica a la difusión, cuidados y adopcion de los casos que llegan a la perrera de Argamasilla de Calatrava, Ciudad Real.

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Squirrel Protection

As a non-profit association Eichhörnchen Schutz e.V. we take care of orphaned and injured squirrel babies and adult emergency animals. Squirrels belong to the specially protected animal species. Their biological task: distributing tree seeds and planting trees - they are the gardeners of the forest. Although we helpers take care of protected wild animals, we do not receive any financial help from the state and are very happy about your help to save the little goblins.