Yes We Can! Spays for Hope!

Yes We Can! Spays for Hope!

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Die einzige wirklich effektive Methode um das Streunerleid zu stoppen ist das kastrieren / sterilisieren der Tiere. In Rumänien. In Griechenland. Weltweit. Wir helfen bei Kastrationen z.b. in Rumänien, Griechenland, Moldavien, Bulgarien, Indonesien, Ägypten. Jedes Tier zählt! Jede Kastra zählt! Bitte helfe mit, gemeinschaft können wir einfach mehr erreichen! Herzlichen Dank !!!!

Empfänger und Zweck unserer Spenden:

Spay/neuter worldwide!

Stichting Dierennood

What if you would be a mom, delivering 4 to 8 babies a time, several times a year, year after year? Living in hard conditions, already so little food for yourself, but what you find, is for your babies? This is the way many dogs, cats live in this world. Dierennood is fighting a battle to prevent birth to these animals. Till now over 100.000 spays/neuter are realised, often by low cost sterilizations. For World Animal Day on 4 October Dierennood hopes to receive lots of funds again to continue this important work. Let's donate!

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Annemera Wienke
Annemera Wienke

18/11/2022 17:45 h

'Seeing puppies born on the streets hurts a lot, because I know that they will have a miserable and often short life. That's why I want to neuter as many dogs as possible. I made pictures of nine dogs, some already pregnant, some had baby's recently and some will be in heat soon. There are more than these nine that need neutering, some of them are wild and can only be caught after being shot with an arrow with a sedative. All of them will stay for a couple of days at the vet clinic after neutering to be sure they can be put back safely on the streets. That's why I have to pay the vets a bit more.'

Above is written by Vlatko, in North Makedonia. As I promised you to come back with information about what our funds were used for: they went to spay 6 dogs in the area from Vlatko, and also to a sweet disabled young female (car accident) from Sylvija, another rescuer. This doggy is now spayed too. Of course also Dierennood is helping here, but most of all Angel's Choice.

In the link you will see the little lady, Puturus. Happy despite of her disabilities! Just have a look!

As really a lot is needed: I hope you agree to add the funds we now have too! And thank you so much again for helping to make this difference!!!


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Annemera Wienke
Annemera Wienke

15/07/2018 00:38 h

Dear Teamers, so grateful for your help!! With your help we are heading to 60 Teamers. Maybe a little bit on a big problem, but together on the long term.. Please have a look at the video.. It tells you why this is so incredibly important. In case you didn't know! ;)
And new Teamers? Always very welcome!!
Kind regards,

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