Yes We Can! Spays for Hope!

Yes We Can! Spays for Hope!

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Neuter and Spay is the only way to humanely reduce the number of strays, living a life full of suffering. In Romania. In Greece. Anywhere actually. With our Teaming Group we mostly help spay campaigns supported by the charities Dierennood, WereldAsielen, Help Honden Roemenië. We help in Romania. In Greece. In other countries. Each spay counts! Please join us, it's only one euro a month, but it does count! All together we really do make a difference! Thank you!!!

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In Romania, spaying means hope!

Stichting Dierennood

We all know, many people know, spaying animals is by far the best way to prevent many strays to get into big trouble, like killings and a life full of suffering. Also Dr. Patricia Paraschiv, a Romanian veterinarian is totally convinced about the need to spay animals. Since 2012 with her team she is driving in the area of Gorj or anywhere she is asked with her mobile clinic, to spay every day, every week, every month. The remote villages in Romania hardly know any vet. People rarely visit a vet with their animals. And certainly spaying them hardly is done. Dr. Paraschiv with her team is making this difference, by going there, educating, spaying, medical help. Of course, also funds are needed to make this happen. Now there is a desperate lack of funds... Dierennood started a fundraiser, to help her help animals. So incredibly important she can continue with her team! I hope you all agree to add our part here too!! PS many pictures by the link below, and also other ways to donate!

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Annemera Wienke
Annemera Wienke
Teaming Manager

29/09/2023 10:24 h

Dear Friends, lieve Teamers,

Yesterday I transferred the funds to Dierennood. The €122 will soon be added to the other funds for the spay campaign in Valcea. From Nicoleta I heared they hope to go in October, before winter falls. With the fundraiser on Facebook we are about half way! Thank you a millions!! If you like to help a little bit more, the fundraiser you will find in the comment. Also in Romania times are very difficult...

Also from Makedonia a big thank you, for Vlatko it so helps to go on, and nót give up! For in the end, it’s the only way, spaying against the wind of the puppy stream.

Thank you, dank je wel!!!


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Annemera Wienke
Annemera Wienke
Teaming Manager

15/07/2018 00:38 h

Dear Teamers, so grateful for your help!! With your help we are heading to 60 Teamers. Maybe a little bit on a big problem, but together on the long term.. Please have a look at the video.. It tells you why this is so incredibly important. In case you didn't know! ;)
And new Teamers? Always very welcome!!
Kind regards,

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