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Saving the Street Dogs

I want to help “Saving the Street Dogs”, a group created to help the street dogs in Romania and Bosnia, and to rescue those that are in public shelters. Marin-Natasa Ivanovic cares for a constant number of dogs that she has rescued, that need continued food and veterinary care. With the support of other volunteers Marin prepares the rescued dogs for foster and rehoming in various countries. The group relies donations and I hope this Teaming group will ensure a regular income can be generated.

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Teodoras Angels

This teaming group has now been closed no more donations will be collected thank you

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Help the dogs from Public Shelter Breasta, Romania

A group created to help the dogs and puppies, condemned to death in the Public Shelter Breasta. Your monthly contribution will pay for food and veterinary treatment and help the volunteers save as many dogs as possible.

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Tianjin Animal Safe Haven (TASH)

We are a group of volunteers dedicated to helping the rescuer Madam Yang who runs a shelter in Tianjin, China which houses cats and dogs saved from the horrendous meat trade

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Tierengel-Grenzenlos e.V. Animal Welfare Organisation

Tierschutz geht über Ländergrenzen hinaus. Jedes Tier hat eine Chance auf ein würdiges Leben verdient. Die Umstände in Rumänien und das Leid der Hunde hat die Gründer des Vereins veranlasst, dort ehrenamtlich tätig zu sein. Der Verein betreibt in Popesti – Leordeni in der Nähe von Bukarest/Rumänien ein Shelter. Dort können derzeit maximal 140 Hunde aufgenommen und versorgt werden. Ziel ist es, diesen geschundenen Seelen ein liebevolles „Für Immer Zu Hause“ zu vermitteln.

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Help Edina save animals in Sarajevo!

Edina spends all her time saving animals from the streets in Sarajevo. She is also a volunteer at Praca (horror) shelter where dogs do not get food, medical attention, water, etc. She tries to save as many as possible. In winter Edina feeds the strays at night. Edina has around 130 dogs and 90 cats under her care at pensions and tries to find them good homes. She cannot do this alone, please help her!

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Phoenix Rehoming

Phoenix Rehoming is helping thousands of dogs and cats in need in Romania. The Every Life Counts shelter relies entirely on donations to pay vet bills, feed hundreds of animals every day and the keep the shelter running. Thank you for helping them.