Tianjin Animal Safe Haven (TASH)

Tianjin Animal Safe Haven (TASH)

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We are a group of volunteers dedicated to helping the rescuer Madam Yang who runs a shelter in Tianjin, China which houses cats and dogs saved from the horrendous meat trade

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Tianjin Animal Safe Haven (TASH)

Yang Xiao Yun

Yang Xiao Yun affectionately know in the West as Madam Yang has saved hundreds of cats and dogs from the horrendous meat trade in China. All donations will be sent to her shelter to buy food for the animals in her care, veterinary visits, improvements to the shelter itself and any other items that benefit the cats and dogs welfare These items will include warm bedding, heating, paid workers etc. Invoices and receipts are posted on the Facebook page Friends of Yang for public viewing.

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Tamar Ramat
Tamar Ramat
Teaming Manager

21/08/2020 10:38 h

Dear Friends,

We want to welcome and thank all new Teamers for supporting this beautiful cause! Also many thanks to those who have been a Teamer for a while now, it has helped with essentials like food and medicine for the many animals madam Yang has taken in at her sanctuary.

We have been posting regular updates on our Facebook page Friends of Yang:


and on Instagram:


If you have any suggestions, questions or other comments, please contact us there. We will always get back to you as soon as possible. We are all volunteers, but we try to answer everyone within 48 hours.

You have our deepest gratitude for your contribution and support!!

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dr b bresard
dr b bresard

22/02/2020 11:48 h

AUCUNE NOUVELLE DE Mrs YANG DEPUIS DES MOIS. Notamment en cette période cruciale pour les Sauveteurs Chinois. AUCUNE REPONSE AUX QUESTIONS. je quitte le groupe avec regret car Mme Yang est à soutenir absolument, dans la transparence.

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