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Barcelona, Spain

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We help more thousands of social causes to make their projects possible every day. Since we launched Teaming, we have raised more than 18 Million of Euros for them, totally free of commissions. We have created this Teaming Group to help Teaming Foundation to keep helping the others with this platform. Among other supports, thanks to the Teamers of this Group, Teaming is totally free. Our dream: to be self-sustaining because of this Group. Would you like to join us?

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Casa Ronald McDonald Barcelona

Imagine, just for a moment, that vuestr@ guarantees is diagnosed with a disease and sent to a Hospital away from your city... Our Ronald McDonald Barcelona House is free to these families since 2002. Creating an environment where the child can lead a normal life while receiving medical treatment influencing their recovery.

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#Homeless Entrepreneur. Second Opportunities for the Homeless.

Will you help us get 100 people out of the street in 2018? Homeless Entrepreneur drives people who have been homeless, offering them a second chance, empowering their talent, .How is this possible? Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of professionals from around the world who dedicate their free time in a disinterested way to advise, motivate, train, accompany these people And thanks to the cycle that is formed from people who leave the street, helping others