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Sur Teaming nous travaillons dur pour que plus de 8 000 causes sociales puissent réaliser leurs rêves. Depuis que nous avons lancé Teaming, nous avons récolté plus de 18 millions d’euros pour celles-ci. Tout ce que nous collectons dans ce Groupe permet à la Fondation Teaming de continuer ses efforts. Grâce notamment aux Teamers de ce Groupe, Teaming est 100% gratuit et sans commissions. Notre rêve est qu’un jour grâce à ce Groupe nous puissions être autosuffisants. Aide-nous à aider !

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Casa Ronald McDonald Barcelona

Imagine, just for a moment, that vuestr@ guarantees is diagnosed with a disease and sent to a Hospital away from your city... Our Ronald McDonald Barcelona House is free to these families since 2002. Creating an environment where the child can lead a normal life while receiving medical treatment influencing their recovery.

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#Homeless Entrepreneur. Second Opportunities for the Homeless.

Will you help us get 100 people out of the street in 2018? Homeless Entrepreneur drives people who have been homeless, offering them a second chance, empowering their talent, .How is this possible? Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of professionals from around the world who dedicate their free time in a disinterested way to advise, motivate, train, accompany these people And thanks to the cycle that is formed from people who leave the street, helping others