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Help the Dogs at Galati Shelter

For 2014 we have been helping Stibis' dog paradise, in Public Shelter Galati, where 1500 dogs "live". These dogs do not have anyone and so you need us. We make sure enough food is available on site and have already saved many dogs. We also castrate, we let dogs provide medical care, etc. Therefore, we are grateful to YOU for any help. We also have 50 dogs waiting for paid foster homes in Romania for your chance. Please help us so that we can continue to help

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Agripunk - Antispecist Social Shelter

We are a group born with the aim of closing an intensive turkey farm. After we succeeded, we mobilized to prevent it from reopening. To transform homes, warehouses and 26 hectares of forest and meadows in shelters for human and non-human animals, without any distinction. Thus was born Agripunk, a social refuge for animals of any species. Agripunk onlus is the association for the protection of nature and the environment that self-manages the shelter, the initiatives and the various activities.

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Rifugio Alma Libre

El refugio de Alma Libre da la bienvenida a los animales liberadas de la cría, la reza, los mataderos y el maltrato, que reciben aquí la oportunidad de expresarse y poder comunicarse con sus semejantes, para vivir una vida digna. Los animales que cuidamos a menudo tienen problemas físicos y tenemos que recurrir a la atención o rehabilitación veterinaria, la mayoría de las veces muy caras. ¡Ayúdanos a continuar, tu ayuda es preciosa!

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Sulala Society for Animals Care

Many areas of Palestine are in need of financial support in order to help animals on the streets.“Sulala for animals care” in Gaza strip is the only organization in Gaza working towards making lives better for street animals, especially dogs and catss To continue helping stray animals we need support.