Sulala Society for Animals Care

Sulala Society for Animals Care

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Many areas of Palestine are in need of financial support in order to help animals on the streets.“Sulala for animals care” in Gaza strip is the only organization in Gaza working towards making lives better for street animals, especially dogs and catss To continue helping stray animals we need support.

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Sulala Society for Animals Care


Sulala Society is the first and only animal rescue in the Gaza Strip. It was founded by Mr. Saeed Al Err, a man with great love for animals. Unable to bear seeing poor stray animals hungry in the street, he went on daily feeding tours for stray animals since the early 2000s. In 2006, he was able to translate his love and charitable work to the establishment of a registered organisation, Sulala (Arabic for “animal breeds”). Today, Sulala has a dog shelter and a cat shelter, and a donkey.

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