ulrike dougherty

ulrike dougherty

Málaga, España

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Teamer desde:  27/10/2020

Happy Animales Orihuela

We rescue and rehome abandoned and mistreated dogs, cats, pigs, goats, geeses, chicken and all types of farm animals. We are in desperate need of funding always to feed the animals in our care, pay vet bills, pay the rent for the little animal farm. Our aim is to neuter all animals in our care to stop more animals being abandoned, we do awerness training, and check reports of abused animals.

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Teamer desde:  28/11/2020

Animal Rescue España

Rescatamos animales víctimas del maltrato y abandono. Con la ilusión y la aportación de todos podemos conseguirlo. 1€ al mes y el sueño de los animales maltratados se cumplirá.

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Teamer desde:  23/01/2021

Save a Mastin and Little Paws teaminggroup

Since 2015 we are rescuing mastins and since last year we took also some little dogs in our care from Spain. We are non profit forganisation and we completly depend on donations. We are in this group with more then 6200 members!!! If only 10% would sponsor 1euro a month , that is less then a cup a coffee and we could help so many more!!

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Teamer desde:  29/01/2021

La manada de Oscar

Somos un grupo sin animo de lucro que nos dedicamos al rescate, reinserción y búsqueda de hogar de animales abandonados y maltratados. Necesitamos ayuda para poder seguir con este bonito proyecto, nos ayudas.

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Teamer desde:  18/04/2021

Never Walk Alone e.V.

We are a charity that looks after suffering animals in greece.we are currently feeding approximately 3000 dogs who live in shelters ( thessaloniki komotoni koani,giannitsa) where the animals are cared for with food and medical attention and where the dogs are also spayed and neutered whenever possible.Due to the sheer numbers of dogs in need we also rely heavily on foster places which we also have to pay for.for all this and more we are in desperate need of help!