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Associazione Anima Randagia Calabria

"Anima Randagia" was created to protect animals and promote awareness campaigns in Calabria.   The Association hopes to realize its dream: CREATE A TRUE DOG'S OASIS TO GIVE RECEPTION, CURE, TRANQUILITY AND DIGNITY to all those creatures that have known only the beast part of men. "The chain dog sniffs the world as far as the chain arrives, the stray as far as the moon reaches." (Mazzotti) We will try to give everyone the chance to reach the Moon

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Save the Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are in danger due to human activities.In southern Italy,in Brancaleone,there is a rescue center where few and tireless volunteers,without funds,are rescuing the turtles victims of fishing (bycatch) and plastic pollution,since to 2006,to release them into the sea as soon as they are healed. By supporting our project with 1euro per month, you will contribute to the purchase of medicines, food and new recovery tanks.You will also support our environmental education programs for schools.