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HumAnima ASBL

Une association légalement enregistrée comme ASBL en Belgique et qui soutient les animaux mais aussi les gens! Nous recueillons des chiens, des chats, des rongeurs et nous aidons les gens à nourrir leurs animaux en cas de besoin. Nous fourmillons de beaux projets.

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Kind Souls Association - Romania, Alina & Anda Murgu

Our goal is to raise money to sustain and develop the shelter where we have 250 dogs, 40 cats, 2 donkeys and 1 pig located near Bucharest, Romania. Every month we need to salaries for the dogs caretakers, materials for the constructions that we are making, to buy food for dogs and to pay veterinary bills. Please, help us to help them and to offer them a good future! You can see our activity here: .

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une nouvelle chance association

association dont le but et de sauver et recceuillir soigner les chiens malheureux

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Golesti dogs - Doggies saved in extremis

The purpose of this group is to bring a financial help for the care of the Golesti, Vrancea public shelter dogs taken out of this kill shelter and put in private shelter. Your euro will contribute principally for medical care, as the dogs taken out of this PS are in very bad health status. You can further help with sponsoring one dog, ask the associaton. Thank you for your generosity

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Adopt to Save

Adopt to Save est une association à but non lucratif créée en mars 2021 qui a pour objectif d'aider à l'adoption de chiens et de chats des rues, qu'ils y soient nés ou qu'ils y aient été abandonnés. Tou(te)s concernés par la protection animale, l'association se compose de membres qui ont été sensible à la condition de vie des animaux notamment en Roumanie.

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Ensemble pour les chiens Roumains

I changed the project. I think RAR receives a lot of help and other associations not enough. I remain in the sterilization project. I saw that Lenuta of Momo's Ark rescued 27 puppies and several dogs in need of care, vaccines and the adults; sterilizations If you would like us to collect for another association or shelter with an association that needs money to sterilize, tell me and we will talk about it. Thanks everyone !!