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El Jardinet dels Gats

El Jardinet dels Gats es un espacio emblemático de la ciudad de Barcelona. Un espacio idílico donde iniciamos nuestro proyecto a mediados del año 2005. La entidad como tal se constituyó en enero de 2008 de la mano de voluntarios que cuidaban gatos de la calle y que se reubicaron en la colonia protegida del mismo nombre. Actualmente el proyecto de El Jardinet del Gats va más allá, gestionando otras colonias y siendo un referente en el movimiento de protección de animales en la Ciudad Condal.

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Assoc. Amics i Voluntaris del CAAC Barcelona

L’Associació d’Amics i Voluntaris del Centre d’Acollida d’Animals de Barcelona té com a finalitat dignificar la vida dels animals abandonats que es troben recollits al CAAC, fomentar l’adopció dels animals, lluitar contra l’abandonament i denunciar el maltractament en totes les seves formes.

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Animal Shelter SVPAP

We help and keep safe around 150 animals (dogs and cats), whom were victims of abandonment and/or abuse. We provide them with shelter, food, veterinary care and lots, lots of love; we are their temporary family and home. We are a non-profit entity and, to be able to keep running all this, we need all the help we could get, ¡every grain of sand counts! https://svpap.org https://m.facebook.com/svpap/ https://instagram.com/svpapoficial?igshid=6iya8je549jk

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Una oportunidad para Nicolas!!!

Hola.Me llamo Nicolas y naci el 12/08/2009.Al nacer me diagnosticaron una enfermedad muy rara: Sindrome de Adams - Oliver.Pocos meses despues aparecio en mi vida mi peor enemigo: Sindrome de West( epilepsia infantil catastrofica).Tengo un retraso psicomotor severo, me alimento por gastrostomia y necesito Vuestra ayuda para poder mejorar mi calidad de vida.Mis papas solos no pueden pagar todas las terapias que SS no cubre.Facebook: Ayuda a Nicolas.GRACIAS y esta sonrisa es para VOSOTROS

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El Hogar Animal Sanctuary Foundation

Would you like to help animals for only 1€ a month? This is your chance! El Hogar Animal Sanctuary Foundation rescues all kinds of animals from exploitation, abuse and abandonment. We are an Foundation with no subsidies, so all the 200 animals living at the sanctuary receive veterinary and food care, both physically and emotionally, thanks to micro-donations from people like you. Will you help us keep saving lives? Become our teamer.

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MONA: Help MONA feeding me

In MONA Foundation, abused chimpanzees and macaques are recovering from their previous lives as circus artists, television actors, and even pets.MONA gives them a second chance at a life free of pain and abuse. We strive to give them the type of life they should have had in the wild, giving them back their dignity they so much deserve. Would you like to contribute to their welfare? With just 1 euro a month you can give them a healthy and balanced diet! www.fundaciomona.org / www.mona-uk.org

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SOS Primates

SOS Primates is a non-profit organization that supports the work of the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Center (CRPL). Located in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, the center is home to more than 90 chimpanzees and 100 monkeys rescued from poaching and illegal trafficking. In this war-stricken area, the CRPL employs more than 50 local workers and represents the only hope for the protection and survival of these fascinating animals.

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Associación SOL GAT L'ESCALA

Somos una ONG, registrada y formada por unos pocos voluntarios. Nos encargamos de alimentar, cuidar y sobre todo esterilizar los gatos callejeros del pueblo de L'Escala (Girona) aplicando el programa CER. Anualmente operamos a mas de 200 gatos. Necesitamos 400 teamers para poder pagar los consiguientes gastos veterinarios incluidos los derivados de curas cuando alguno esta enfermo y tener las colonias controladas adecuadamente. Con un pequeño gesto, nos puedes ayudar mucho. MUCHAS GRACIAS!

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A.P.A Gatuna Felina

Our work is as follows: We rescue animals abandoned, mistreated or in bad conditions. We promote animal respect, sterilization, colonies control. We look for homes for the rescued. We denounce the mistreatment and abandonment. We do not have subsidies and the aid is scarce, we hardly have partners or sponsors. € 1 a month is not much for you, but for us it's a lot of help. Join our little family !!

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ASOCIACION HUELLAS FELICES es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro, con sede en Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo, Córdoba, se encarga de la búsqueda de hogares para los animales abandonados y lucha contra el maltrato y abandono de los mismos. Con tu aportación de 1€ mensual, contribuirás a que su calidad de vida en el refugio sea mejor hasta que consigamos para ellos un hogar definitivo (tenemos múltiples gastos en pienso y veterinarios) www.asociacionhuellasfelices.es

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Los Animales de ADiRA

Management of rescues, fostering and adoptions of both the animals supervised by ADiRA, as well as those of other associations or individuals who ask for help. Rescue of animals in danger, abandoned or lost. Search for a temporary home for those animals that are on the street, or that live with humans who can no longer take care of them. Search for the best home for each of the foster animals that are ready to be adopted.

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El refugio de Villainmunitos de cristicats!!!

Villainmunito nació por y para Tigre, que se moría lentamente en la calle, hasta que Cris lo acogió, después de muchos esfuerzos, mucho dinero, muchos cuidados, Tigre es un gato precioso, lógicamente con sus altibajos por sus enfermedades, pero el cambio ha sido brutal! Pero también hay otros 3 inquilinos con sus tremendas historias, Lute, Hércules, Bola, el fallecido Owen (DEP) y pronto su primera chica. https://www.facebook.com/events/649428878438346/

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RAINFER: Alimenta a los Primates

Rainfer houses mora than 100 primates that have suffered mistreatment, abandonment, loneliness and lack of basic care for many years. They cannot be returned to their habitats, their lives have been stolen, so we must face the costs of their care for life and we need your help to do it. We consume 3 tons of fruit and vegetables per month with other necessary foods such as legumes or rice, represent an expense of 2,860€/ month. They depend on us completely. Can you help us feed them?

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RAINFER: Ayuda a Boris

Boris is an orangutan who lived years of exploitation in a circus since he was a baby and then he was sold to zoos. Due to poor care, he suffers from many chronic health problems. Among them rhinitis, a disease that affects his airways and makes him more vulnerable to serious respiratory infections. For this, he requires a special substrate for his floor, free of dust and allergens that irritate his tract, in addition to some medication. The cost is € 180 / month. ¿Can you help us help him?

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Gombe, a young and very sensitive chimpanzee, found in a garbage can when he was a baby, has always suffered adaptation problems with those of his own specie due to suffering from a rare neurological disease: Foreign Hand Syndrome. During her crises he cries and self-injures causing serious hand injuries. Gombe needs daily medication to control his seizures and improve his quality of life. The cost of the complete medication pack is € 185 / month. Can you help us to prevent Gombe from suffering?

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with 1 euro you can help to cover partly the feeding of more of 800 feral cats in L'Escala. This is more than 3000 euros per year. It's urgent to get 150 teamers in order to cover some of the 300 monthly kilos (255 euros) for the cat colonies without responsable. This is an opotunity also for the teamers who are members of our 1st group (for veterinary costs of neutering) to colaborate a little more. Teamers are supporting and blessing us to keep on fighting for our cats. Thank you!

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Veterinary expenses El Hogar Animal Sanctuary Foundation

The El Hogar Animal Sanctuary Foundation rescues animals that are physically damaged and psychologically abused. Animals that have been exploited and that have lived in terrible conditions; As a result, they suffer many health problems. To recover they need very specialized care and in many cases treatments that they should receive for life. Your help guarantees the fundamental veterinary care for the more than 200 animals rescued. Thank you!.

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Observatorio Justicia y Defensa Animal

El OBSERVATORIO JUSTICIA Y DEFENSA ANIMAL es una asociación nacional, sin ánimo de lucro que vela por la defensa legal de los animales frente al maltrato y promueve reformas legales que redundan en beneficio de los animales en su conjunto. Concerned about animal abuse in Spain? Now you can help us supporting our legal actions defending animals from abuse,cruel fiestas, etc. Help us to help!

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Este es el 3r grupo teaming de SOL GAT. A petición de teamers se crea para aportar 1 euro más los que quieran pero también para tener un fondo para casos veterinarios urgentes/graves como pueden ser: radiografías, envenenamientos, operaciones. Tenemos las cuentas de esterilizaciones separadas de los gastos de curas/urgencias. Anualmente pagamos más de 3000 euros en curas y actuaciones extras. Este grupo nos ayudará en parte para poder salvar/mejorar las vidas de los acidentados. Gracias

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El dinero recaudado en este grupo será invertido íntegramente en animales necesitados, sin recursos. VEGANVET VETERINARIA es un centro veterinario ubicado en c/Girona n2, 08490 Tordera (Barcelona), T.937641810 - 633697302. Su fundadora, Marta Gamboa, es veterinaria e ingeniera, y responsable del centro, con gran sentimiento de respeto hacia la vida del resto de animales. En nuestro Facebook podrás seguir las actuaciones realizadas con los fondos recaudados. ¿NOS AYUDAS A AYUDARLES?

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MONA 2020

Fundación MONA tiene que cambiar de ubicación. Y necesitamos urgentemente fondos para poder iniciar las obras del nuevo centro. Ya contamos con los nuevos terrenos donde poder seguir llevando a cabo nuestras funciones de rescate y rehabilitación de primates, educación y sensibilización y estudios de etología, pero no tenemos el capital extra que requiere poder empezar de cero, y mantener simultaneamente el centro actual funcionando. Toda la info en: www.fundacionmona.org/2020

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AICA organization; We help the unwanted cants and dogs

We take care of about 100 cats and 11 dogs, with no help from goverment. Could you help us, with 1€ by month, to feed them and provide veterinary service? Thank you very much!