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Ben Cat 's shelter

The streetcats of Rabat needs help. Ben Cat tries to feed them and takes care of the sick ones but therefore she needs money. I visited Ben Cat and have seen how she sacrifices her life for the cats. She really needs donations on regular base to be able to buy food, medication and to pay the rent of the shelter. Also for sterilizations which is the only way to stop de suffering.

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Hondenopvang de Pannehoeve

We are a Dutch foundation who take care of the dogs van from Spain and Holland. In Spain we help the dogs from Cuenca, Albacete and the shelters of Asoka. We try to give them a new home. But we can't do it on our own. We need you with this. At the moment we have about 40 dogs who are looking for a new home. But they all need food and when its requierd they also have to go to a vet. So you understand, we need help. Please join our teaming. So we can all help together.

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Association ADOR

Deze stichting komt op voor de vele zwerfhonden in Roemenië, en zijn volledig afhankelijk van donaties en giften. Het doel is zoveel mogelijk honden te helpen,met liefde, onderdak, voer en adopties te realiseren. Dit kunnen ze niet alleen, daar hebben ze geld voor nodig, Dus sluit je aan bij deze groep, de kosten zijn 1€ per maand. De honden en vrijwilligers in Roemenië zullen jullie dankbaar zijn. Graag zoveel mogelijk delen, ik hoop snel de eerste aanmeldingen te krijgen. We gaan voor ADOR

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Athens Stray Kittens

A voluntary initiative based in Athens, Greece, in order to limit the number of stray cats living in terrible circumstances in the streets of Athens. Our mission is to conduct TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return)-programs and to find a loving home in Europe for the cats that won't survive outside, for example due to health issues, disabilities.