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ASOKA ORIHUELA Help the dogs and cats.

Animal rescue in Orihuela. This TEAMING group raises funds for ASOKA Orihuela. Over the years the donations have helped buy collars and leads, food, surgery bills, transport costs and medication. The funds are vital and have made such a difference to our rescue work. Please add your ONE EURO a month, it really makes a difference. Our website is:

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Inma rescates

With this group I will be able to pay veterinary bills of animals that I rescue. I have cats that I brought from the kennel pending of sterilizing, I spend a lot in pet food, pipettes, etc. The displacements to the kennel also cost a lot in gasoline. I need help because my pension is not enough.

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We are dedicated to rescuing and re homing dogs and cats in Spain which is done solely on donations received from our members and fundraisers.

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Somos "SOS Yorkshire y Cruces de España" (SYCE) de Salamanca y CIF G37547742. Ayudamos a los animales de perreras y abandonados de España. "SOS Yorkshire y Cruces de España" (SYCE)" established in Salamanca with reg. num. G37547742, founded to help animals in dog pound and stray animals in Spain. Síguenos en / Follow us in: Únete! Te necesitamos, Gracias

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Tranquila para Animales

Animal rescue, I rescue Dogs that are abandoned, and find them new homes. They nearly all come with health problems and the vet bills are horrendous. I struggle each month to pay for all the upkeep. If you could help it would take at least one worry off my mind. The Dog in the Photo is Pio, he came to me from that hell hole in Ourensa. I couldnt get near him when he came, gradually over the weeks, he learned to trust me. Look at him now. A smashing Lad. Thank you.

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Dog Rescue Helper

We are a small community of people looking to support small local rescues in the Malaga area. We recognise that these little rescues really struggle with awareness for what they selflessly do, and struggle to raise funds We aim to help them with both. And this is where your funds come in. 100% of the money raised pays a vet bill or a food bill to the maximum of 100 euros. Each 100 euros raised is paid out and then a new small rescue is chosen to be helped Thank you for supporting our cause.

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Protectora Animales Perros del Sol (PAPS)

PAPS is a charity that runs a small independent shelter in Murcia, Spain, rescuing dogs from kill stations, those unfortunates abandoned on streets, or unwanted pets handed in by owners who are no longer willing or able to look after them. We care for the dogs, providing everything they need to keep them healthy and happy, until we find them new Forever Homes. As a charity, run entirely by volunteers, donations are always needed to help us to cover the cost of food, veterinary care, etc.

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Refuge pour chevaux Easy Horse Care

Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre est une fondation à but non lucratif fondée en 2008 par Sue et Rod Weeding, dédiée au sauvetage de chevaux, ânes et poneys maltraités ou abandonnés dans la province d'Alicante en Espagne. Donnons un coup de main à ce fantastique centre de sauvetage à récolter les fonds nécessaires pour continuer leur travail et prendre soin des 120 équidés vivant au refuge. Ensemble, nous pouvons aider !

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L'Association a pour but, le sauvetage de terriers et autres loulous en fourrière, retirés pour maltraitance, réformés d'élevage ou abandonnés par leur maître pour différentes raisons (maison de retraite, problèmes professionnels, décès, ...) Nous recueillons, soignons, vaccinons et plaçons en famille d'accueil et recherchons pour eux de bonnes familles pour y vivre heureux et choyés.

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Kittens In Distress Charity - Alicante, Spain

PLEASE DONATE & MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR JUST 1 EURO PER MONTH We are a registered charity, which helps cats and kittens find loving homes; giving them medical treatment, vaccinations and also neutering as many strays as possible so there will be less abandoned or killed in the future. The charity uses a personal bank account to collect donations. We rely solely on the generosity of the public to make this happen. We don't receive any funding from the local Government. PLEASE JOIN US!!

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Somos una asociacion sin animo de lucro dedicada al rescate, recuperacion y entrega en adopcion de perros y gatos en situacion de abandono y/o maltrato.

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El Refugio del Burrito/Donkey Sanctuary Spain

We work together towards a world where donkeys and mules live free from suffering, and their contribution to humanity is fully valued. El Refugio del Burrito is actively involved in causes that encourage the application and improvement of existing laws regarding animal welfare and the promotion of education and awareness campaigns about responsible equine ownership and expert care.

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Nicole Le Goff a fondé son Association en 2000. Elle s'occupe seule au quotidien de 20 chiens, 11 chats, 3 oies,.... Aujourd'hui âgée de 69 ans, Nicole travaille SANS RELACHE pour ses Protégés. La situation financière est extrêmement précaire. Les toutous, essentiellement des caniches, sont âgés de 6 ans à ... 20 ans ( la majorité a largement dépassé les13 ans! Les oies ont le record de l'âge... 28 ans!) Ils ont besoin de nourriture adaptée, de soins véto et de médicaments! Aidons les SENIORS!

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Asociación GatoPerro

We are rescued from stray animals and taken out of Chiclana's kennel. We keep 25/30 animals continuously in shelters that we cover their nutrition, and some medications are in residence, (€ 100 / month) As soon as they are rescued, WE BID FOR THE IMMEDIATE VETERINARY ATTENTION, without limits, We are endorsed by more than 100 animals ADOPTED annually and many years of experience. But for all this we need the help of all of you. COLABORA UNETE DONA ..

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Hi, we are Darna Animal Rescue! We are dedicated to the care of stray animals, and rescue animals from being euthanised. We take care of different species of animals in our rescue centre, in our eyes they all deserve an opportunity. We constantly need to do analysis, deworming, neuter/sterilize and much more. All donations will go towards keeping the animals fed, healthy, and finding them new forever homes.

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Cristina’s Furbabies- Los Peludos de Cris

Cristina lives in Northern Spain and has been an angel for so many cats and dogs. The problem is that there is always need and never enough funds. She has many animals in her care and the costs are always increasing. Cristina has over 50 animals in her care and her rescue is short of funds and support. For her to continue her vital work she needs to know that the funds are there for her - the situation in Spain is dire and Cristina needs our support

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Hondón Valley Animal Rescue

Rescue and fostering of abandon animals in the area of the Hondón Valley. Difficult times while our charity shop is closed and following the rescue of 60 dogs from a village house recently. Money for food and vet care desperately needed.

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Dogs & CatsLand Project

We are a small team of engaged people raising funds for lonely rescuer Sorina Rinciog who does incredible work in Campina Romania. Her goal is to increase the quality of the street animals in her region and to protect them from harm, giving them a safe place to stay whilst preparing them for their future home. But her work does not end there, she feeds as well the many street animals, neuters them and is looking after their welfare, not having anybody else caring about them.

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We are an Animal Shelter called "El Hogar de Antón". We are located in a town in the province of CÓRDOBA. We are currently working in a group. We admit partners, volunteers and collaborators from all parts of the world. We are 20 founding partners who contribute sporadic donations to meet the needs of the shelter. Our Account number to receive your help is: Openbank IBAN: ES97 0073 0100 5105 0609 6166 THIS PROJECT NEEDS YOU. WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU!

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Pureaz Dog Rescue Spain

A small not for profit dog rescue helping abused, abandoned and unwanted dogs in Spain

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La casa de Lilie

Nous faisons tout notre possible pour sauver les animaux maltraités, abandonnés ou de la rue. Mais tout ceci coûte cher, les vétérinaires, les soins, les traitements, les hospitalisations, les dietes spéciales. Voilà pourquoi nous avons besoin de votre aide, afin de pouvoir continuer à nous battre pour tous ces animaux sans défense. Merci à vous tous!

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Asociación y refugio para animales sin posibilidades ( ASRA )

We are an animal sanctuary in Muro de Alcoy. We have almost 100 animals with chronic illnesses, with trauma or who are handicapped. We are a family of 4 and work with 2 amazing volunteers.

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El Refugio de Brown

La Asociacion Protectora de Animales y Plantas de Zafra: El Refugio de Brown es una entidad sin ánimo de lucro orientada a la preservación de los derechos de los animales y plantas, promoviendo actividades y campañas de concienciación. La asociación tiene un refugio ubicado en Zafra (Badajoz) en el cual se albergan animales abandonados, se les proporcionan los cuidados veterinarios, de limpieza y manutención necesarios hasta encontrarles un hogar de adopcion definitivo.