Local Chapter - Teaming

What is Teaming?

Teaming is an online tool to raise funds for helping social causes with micro donations of 1€ per month. In Teaming, the most important thing is not how many euros you donate but how many people are donating. We strongly believe that together, EVERYTHING is possible and that making this world a better place is in our hands. Can you imagine if everyone of us gave 1€ for helping social causes?


You can donate only 1€/month, no more no less. Everyone who collaborates, contributes equally in the success of the project. Moreover, it's not an occasional donation, it's recurrent.

Free of commissions

Teaming is completely free, not only for the donors but also for the causes that raise funds. Because of an agreement with Banc Sabadell, we don't charge any banking commissions either.

Teaming data

620.619 Teamers

15.072 Teaming Groups

54.006.192 € raised

What does it mean to be a local chapter?

Teaming can help thousands of people and the local teams are the best way to make the tool known in a specific country. That's why we have created the "local chapter model".

The local chapter is responsible for the penetration and growth of Teaming in a specific country and takes on the commitment of investing, in a financial way or with human resources, to make it happen. Teaming Foundation offers the technological development and the communication guidelines.

The main reason why an investor or company decides to become a local chapter of Teaming is because doing it, doesn't help just one cause, also helps thousands of causes giving them an easy and free tool to raise funds. Furthermore, Teaming makes the society to mobilise, to create bonds and collaborative networks.

What do we expect from the social chapter?

The local chapter assume the management and the growth of Teaming in her/his country and an investment, either in a financial way or with human resources. In addition, the local chapter gives an initial fee to the Teaming Foundation.

Market development

Consumer & market knowledge

It is essential that the local chapter or the team who develops the marketing plan know the local market in-depth.

Communication and marketing

To develop and execute the marketing plan to gain Teamers and Teaming Managers.

To manage the Social Media of the country and to create original contents, for example, the newsletters.

Management of the community

To manage the Teaming Managers and Teamers (causes and donors).

To manage the community of the platform and attend the user questions.

Growth Goals

We ask the local chapter for a commitment of penetration and growth in the country.

What does Teaming Foundation offer to the local chapter?

Teaming Foundation provide the technological platform and the payment system. Additionally, the Foundation defines the communication guidelines and gives the legal settings in order to help the local chapter develop the market without having to be concerned about about the technical and legal details.

The product and corporate support

Technological platform and the payment system.

Teaming website (www.teaming.net) is a unique platform and can be used in the entire European area (Eurozone). It is developed and managed by the Teaming Foundation.

Legal settings and legal support

Teaming Foundation can operate in Europe and covers all the legal needs of the local chapter.


The local chapter receives supporting documentation and online or onsite training to learn how the product works. And, of course, support every time the local chapter need it.

Communication guidelines

Teaming Foundation gives to the local chapter the corporate material and the communication guidelines to develop the marketing plan.

Would you like to become our local chapter?