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Noah's Ark, Marrakech

I am karim, I intervene in Marrakech with a group of volunteers to help the animals of Morocco since 2015. I come to you to support the L'Arche de Noé association which helps domestic and wild animals in distress (amputees, blind, burned, etc.). In addition, we act through our food distributions for dogs, cats and street horses. Our sterilization campaigns make it possible to reduce the reproduction of street animals.

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Agir pour les chiens de l'île Maurice

Mauritius is a beautiful tropical island near Madagascar, popular amongst tourists. Unfortunately it has a darker side: It has about 250,000 stray dogs and the government catches and kills them in barbaric manner. We are a small NGO based in France, and in partnership with the NGO "All Life Matters Animal Sanctuary" on the island, we bring the most fragile dogs to Europe. Your funding will help us face recurring costs such as vet fees, food, and sterilization days on the island. Thank you

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Friends of SOS KIEV ANIMAL SHELTER, Help Tamara & 1300 animals, Ukraine

For 24 years, this animal shelter has only functioned with international aid. Without regular donors, Tamara's shelter is constantly on the verge of bankruptcy: we must help her! In addition to the stress linked to the lack of regular funds in a country at war (7 years), Tamara, her 4 employees and her animals are regularly victims of violence from a local organisation of "dog hunters". First animal shelter in Ukraine, it homes more than 1,000 dogs and 300 cats.

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ONG libanaise (#205/AD) également enregistrée aux USA (501(c)3 #83-2075807) Nous avons actuellement dans notre refuge plus de 1'100 animaux (860 chiens, 230 chats, 2 singes, 3 chevaux, 1 âne, des lapins et tortues. La situation au Liban étant catastrophique nous manquons cruellement de tout et avons désespérément besoin d'aide extérieur afin de pouvoir continuer à nous occuper de nos petits protégés qui ont pour la plupart vécu l'enfer avant que nous les sauvions. Voir vidéo pour plus d'infos