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Little Souls' Home Shelter Bârlad

Little Souls‘ Home Shelter in the city of Bârlad in the East of Romania is home to some 250 dogs of all ages and sizes, most of them former stray dogs. Our team on site is dedicated to take care of the dogs at best while we eagerly try to find them new homes. As we need sufficient money to provide food, care and medical care, we kindly ask you to support our dogs through your donation. Many thanks! Please visit us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/littlesoulshome/

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Friends4RomanianPaws e.V

We are a young association that has set itself the task of tackling the road dog problem in Romania. To achieve this, we volunteer to take care of two shelters. It is also planned to offer castration campaigns, so that in combination with owner dog castrations Romania is road-clear as soon as possible. You see, there is much to do and we hope for your support to continue providing our dogs with food, medical care and castration.

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Unser Verein ist hauptsächlich in Rumänien tätig & setzt sich für eine Verbesserung der katastrophalen Zustände & Lebensumstände der Streunerhunde in öffentlichen Tötungsstationen ein. Wir betreiben ein Tierheim vor Ort mit 700 Hunden, wir führen regelmäßige Kastrationskampagnen durch, wir betreuen 4 Tötungsstationen und in unserem priv. TH werden diese Hunde med. versorgt, aufgepäppelt und wenn möglich, vermittelt. Unsere 4 aktiven Gründungsmitglieder machen dies ehrenamtlich.