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The Pegasus Sanctuary

The Pegasus Sanctuary is dedicated to the rescue, care and rehoming of equines in need, most of which are destined for Italian abattoirs. We rely entirely on donations so that we can provide the best lives and chances for the horses, ponies and donkeys in our care. Your compassion and generosity will make a desperately needed difference and help us rescue more equines from suffering and neglect. Based in rural Normandy, the Sanctuary is a registered French charity, Association Loi de 1901.

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Asociación Rescate Animal

Rescate Animal es una organización sin ánimo de lucro. Rescatamos animales en situación de abandono o maltrato y los cuidamos en nuestro refugio hasta buscarles un hogar definitivo.

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Soutien au Mallouestan

The Mallouestan is an ecovillage and an antispeciesist sanctuary located in Normandy, France. The collected donations will be used : - For veterinary expenses; for fencing and for animal feed; - For the purchase of various tree species necessary for the agroforestry project; - To renovate and create new infrastructures (greenhouses, common space, pig sheds ...)