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Big V Sanctuary and Hospice is a Vegan Run animal sanctuary, based in Chateauponsac, France. We are a registered non-profit association caring for over 150 residents, both farmed and companion animals, who have been rescued from neglect, mistreatment or slaughter. Our vision is to create a peaceful world for all living beings; a world built on justice and respect, regardless of species. In our hospice, we take care of those nearing the end of their life, with dignity, kindness and respect.

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Feed the animals

Big V Sanctuary

All the money raised will be used to feed the 150+ animals at the Big V Sanctuary. The food bill is always at least €2500 per month so any donation helps!

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Miranda Elliott
Teaming Manager

17/05/2024 12:13 h

It’s Amanda here friends, our beautiful, sweet Winifred, is doing ok but needing lots of tlc and special exercises as she sadly has lost her balance. The Sanctuary are awaiting a specialist arriving next week to look at the possibility of a brace and that will help her to live a fulfilled life getting about on her own. Until then the family are having to lift, carry and help her with movement and toilet breaks. This specialist treatment and equipment is very pricey, costing over £3,000!

Winifred wouldn’t be alive and receiving this care and support she desperately needs without the Sanctuary family and receiving the potential of an opportunity of a fulfilled life.

A little word from Winifred:

Please can you help – my sanctuary family who have saved my life and are striving for every possibility to give me the care, treatment and aids for a long and happy life are becoming 50 next week! The lovely Louise Griffin has begun a 500 for 50 event for them. If each teamer recruits just one person to join teaming for the Sanctuary, the teaming numbers could reach 500, which will take a little of the financial pressure off these wonderful people and be an amazing birthday gift.

Hope you can join, and we can achieve!

Love Winnifred & Amanda xxx

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Frances Small
Frances Small

14/05/2024 00:46 h

Louise Griifin is an Admin for fund raising for Big V Sanctuary and Hospice. She has Just launched an appeal "500 for 50".
This is a Big Birthday Year - Jerome and Miranda who run the sanctuary are 50 years old on the 23rd and 24th May 2004. The dream they have had is to have 500 Teamers supporting the Sanctury.
500 Teamers, each giving one euro a month, which taken together will give money towards the basic food needed for the animals.

Jerome and Miranda devote their live to the sanctuary. Can we as existing teamers come together to give them their wish for their 50th Birthdays? Yes we can make it happen by just giving a little extra time and thought.
Today there are 250 Teamers. All we have to do is find one person each. We can do this for them.

If all of us who are Teamers introduce one or two people to the Sanctuary; explain how they contribute just one euro and that euro will make change happen. Because we are already teamers we can show them what to do and help them through the process. It just
requires a little time. The time that Jerome and Miranda give is their whole lives devoted to the animals.
So who can you enrol to Teaming - your partner, a family member, a friend, a colleague at work, someone at the gym, a fellow churchgoer, a social media friend . . . . They do not need to be followers of the group just sympathetic to giving the animals the best life.

Please. please make your mind up to do this and give Jerome and Miranda a birthday to remember.

I have just started with one person - my husband, John Dunn, became a Teamer on 10/5/2024. I will ask my daughter too Who will you ask?
Frances Small 14/5 /2024 We have just 9 days!

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Miranda Elliott
Teaming Manager

28/12/2020 13:57 h

Thank you to everyone that is supporting us. We are aware that some people are experiencing problems with making the payments and we are working with the site to resolve this xx

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