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Francine Serckx


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Aider Hajar et les chats errants de Rabat

"les fonds sont transférés vers mon compte puis via Western Union vers le compte de Hajar "

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Amazoonico Centro de Rescate de Animales Silvestres

Somos un centro de rescate, rehabilitación y liberación de animales silvestres situado en la Amazonía Ecuatoriana. A pesar de ser uno de los centros de referencia del país para animales víctimas del tráfico, no recibimos ninguna ayuda económica del gobierno y el número de animales a rehabilitar va en aumento. Ayúdanos con 1€ al mes para poder seguir liberando a aquellos que pueden volver a sus hábitats y para dar todo el amor del mundo a aquellos que ya no pueden. Seamos su voz. Te necesitan.

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Feed A Dog

There are as many homeless dogs in Sri Lanka as ones with homes. My mother, in her 60's, cooks rice with fish or chicken everyday and feeds between 20-30 homeless dogs who live in the streets of Battaramlla, Colombo Sri Lanka. I have been helping her financially how ever I can but the number of dogs in this road is increasing and we could really use some help from those who feel for these dogs. It costs over 45,000 Rupees (£225, $293, €260) per month to feed them. Thank You so much

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Die Niemandshunde von Bihać

We are a small but very strong-willed team, which made it its mission to take care of the forgotten and abandoned dogs of the streets and garbage dump of the city of Bihac in the northwest of Bosnia, to alleviate their suffering and above all to show them that not all people are bad, and that their fate does not leave us unaffected.

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The organisation Pfote sucht Glück is looking for teamers

Sanda Andrei is head of a shelter near Bukarest. Lovingly she cares for "her" dogs and cats and some groups of dogs that live on the streets. Whenever possible, she helps castrate and vaccinate some of these dogs. Between the organisation Pfote sucht Glück and Sanda a warm cooperation has been established. By becoming a teamer, your little money can make a huge impact: for example, 25 teamers can finance one castration per month and so help the animals in the long run.

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Félins pour l'Autre

Petite association créée pour aider les chats errants et les socialiser afin de leur trouver une famille Nous avons besoin d'aide pour ces ch'amours

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The Association "Haplut si prietenii" is a romanian association which saves stray and wild animals (dogs, cats, turtles and so on). We have now two shelters in which we take care of around 110 dogs and 15 cats. We fight to reduce the number of stray dogs and cats by promoting and being actively involved in the sterilisation of dogs and cats.

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Kalaweit, para la salvaguardia del Gibbons y su habitat en Indonesia.

Kalaweit lucha para salvar a los Gibbons y su bosque en Indonesia. La cultura del aceite de Palma amenaza los bosques y la supervivencia del Gibbons. Chane, fundador de Kalaweit es francés. Más de 380 Gibbons del tráfico de fauna silvestre, están en cuidado en Kalaweit. Cada año Kalaweit gasta casi 85 000 € sólo por la comida de los animales. ¡ la Asociación compra parcelas forestales para salvarlos de la destrucción, llegando a más de 1042 hectáreas de bosque protegido!