Athens Stray Kittens

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Actualización de cómo va la causa
Joke Vandendries, Teaming Manager, el 10/03/2020  a las 16:03h

Little Sevin needs your help!
Sevin is a 10-month-old kitten that was found in the streets of Athens. He was limping and approaching people for cuddles. We took him to the vet where an X-ray revealed an older fracture from an accident.
Surgery is needed and scheduled on 19th March in order to prevent early arthritis.
Cost: 250 Euros, adding up to the other surgeries of Pier and Nemo.
On top of that his left eye is watery due to an injury. Once his hip has recovered, he will possibly need eye surgery as well.
So young and life has already been so hard for him.
Sevin is such a sweet and adorable boy. He deserves a happy and joyful future without any pain.
With your help we can make this happen!
A huge thank you from Sevin!

Louise Kuijt
Louise Kuijt, Teamer, el 11/03/2020  a las 11:35h

Help on it's way. Good luck little Sevin

Angelique Verbakel
Angelique Verbakel, Teamer, el 11/03/2020  a las 13:22h

I made a donation for you little Sevin

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