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Actualización de cómo va la causa
Joke Vandendries, Teaming Manager, el 07/10/2022  a las 13:51h

Thanks to the help of GAR we managed quite some neuterings the last 2 months. The truth is that behind TNR, there is always a background.
GAR pays for the neuterings only. Pet taxi needs to be paid and all surgeries or hospitalization that come across the program.
This time for the 80 cats we ended up with an extra amount of 700e.
The "outsider" cases were:
- 1 blind kitten
- 2 one eye kittens
- a feral adult cat with low haematocrit and neurological symptoms
- a cat with teeth problem

The vet does only neuterings in a minimal space, so all the rest go to a clinic to have one anaesthesia and do everything together.

Your help by donating € 1,= a month is therefor so important, it helps us to help those special need kittens

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