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Florentina Prejeu

Barcelona, España

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Tenemos unos 500 animales en el refugio; todos ellos han entrado heridos y/o enfermos y con nosotros/as han encontrado alimento, cobijo, cuidados veterinarios y mucho amor. Allí esperan encontrar una familia que les de un hogar definitivo, pero mientras tanto EL REFUGIO ES SU HOGAR CAMBIA SU DESTINO. ¡AYÚDALES! www.svpap.com http://protectorasvpap.blogspot.com.es/ https://www.facebook.com/svpap English: https://www.facebook.com/SvpapAnimalProtectionSociety

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El Hospital de Gambo se encuentra en una región rural del sur de Etiopía. Cada día acuden al hospital más de 300 personas, la gran mayoría niños menores de 5 años desnutridos o con neumonía o sarampión. Estamos ahora a más del 300% de capacidad, con 2-3 niños por cama y un hospital de campaña debido a la epidemia de Sarampión. Para evitar la expansión del COVID-19 estamos implementando un programa especial de higiene y de protección individual.

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Kind Souls Association - Romania, Alina & Anda Murgu

Our goal is to raise money to sustain and develop the shelter where we have 250 dogs, 40 cats, 2 donkeys and 1 pig located near Bucharest, Romania. Every month we need to salaries for the dogs caretakers, materials for the constructions that we are making, to buy food for dogs and to pay veterinary bills. Please, help us to help them and to offer them a good future! You can see our activity here: https://www.facebook.com/sufletedragi .

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Who we are ? Hope for Romanian Strays :) Romanian charity founded in 2012 with great support of friends all over Europe. We fight all together to defeat the abandon of romanian cats and dogs, we struggle to feed daily hundreds of dogs and we organise permanent castration campaigns for cats and dogs in different comunities arround us . SAVE A LIFE! ADOPT A STRAY!

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I NEED A MIRACLE! Just a €1 monthly commitment from YOU would help 200 rescued, abused & orphaned souls now in the care of my NGO, SOS ARMS, in Romania. PLEASE HELP BY JOINING MY GROUP - 3500 TEAMERS NEEDED! My monthly expenses are HUGE & impossible to raise alone. €800 RENT, UTILITIES & FUEL. €800 TWO WORKERS - more needed. 2.5 tons of FOOD EVERY MONTH - €1200 low quality or €2400 premium grade quality. Ideally I would mix the two. Essential veterinary fees cost thousands of Euros each month.

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DoggyLand Romania

DoggyLand shelter is a temporary house for the dogs and cats who badly need us. It's a start for new, better lives, toward adoptive, forever families, a place where they receive safety, trust, food and medical care but also cuddles and basic rules of socializing and walking on leash. Moreover, our association provides regularly free spaying for dogs and cats from community. We are in Romania, Techirghiol and we appreciate you joining our team! Alexandra Manolache, President of DLF Association

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Help the dogs from Public Shelter Breasta, Romania

A group created to help the dogs and puppies, condemned to death in the Public Shelter Breasta. Your monthly contribution will pay for food and veterinary treatment and help the team of volunteers to save as many dogs as possible. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1275710212545827/

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Group created to help dogs in Public Shelter Boldesti - Scaieni, Romania. We have in our care an constant number of dogs, as weekly more dogs are brought into the public shelter from the streets. Dogs that are in the public shelter for more than 2 weeks and not adopted, will be on the kill list. Our goal is to be able to prepare the dogs for adoption while are in the public shelters, and international adoption direct from PS to be possible.