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Teamer seit:  26/09/2015

Solidarios sin Fronteras. AGUA Para Yemen

At Solidarios Sin Fronteras we provide DRINKING WATER to Yemeni families affected by war. The blockade by Saudi Arabia and the USA has brought Yemen to the brink of famine: More than 220,000 dead, 3 millions children with malnutrition, 6 out of 10 die before the age of 5, there is an epidemic of cholera. YOUR 1€ EVERY MONTH ALLOWS US TO FILL THE 27 WATER TANKS (432,000 liters per month) we have installed in the Arhab, Rydah and Bayt Baw camp, which hosts 3700 people. JOIN US! We need you

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Teamer seit:  08/03/2018

Solidarios sin Fronteras. Frühstück für Bildung und Schutz im Jemen

1€= Schutz und Bildung. Jemen erlebt eine brutale humanitäre Notlage. Mädchen werden zwangsverheiratet, damit sie nicht verhungern. Jungen werden als Soldaten rekrutiert. Ihr Leben ist eine Hölle der Gewalt. Familien schicken ihre Kinder eher in die Schule, wenn es dort sichere Mahlzeiten gibt. Wir verteilen JEDEN TAG Milch, Brot, Eier, Obst an 1525 Kinder in 3 Schulen, für Bildung und Schutz-und ihr Leben hat sich verändert! 1 Frühstück=0,50€; 1 Monat=11€; Insgesamt 3 Schulen/Monat= 16.775€.

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Teamer seit:  14/02/2020

Open Arms

The emergency continues and the Mediterranean does not stop. Open Arms sails again to continue protecting the lives of the most vulnerable; reaffirming our commitment after one of the most complex and painful missions so far. we can we save them by your side. Help us to continue.

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Teamer seit:  23/11/2020

Teamers 4 Teaming

Bei Teaming arbeiten wir jeden Tag daran, dass Tausende von sozialen Zwecken ihre Träume wahr werden lassen können. Seit wir Teaming ins Leben gerufen haben, konnten wir gemeinsam mehr als 20 Millionen Euro für sie sammeln. Alles, was in dieser Gruppe gesammelt wird, geht an die Teaming-Stiftung, damit sie weiterhin anderen helfen kann. Die Teamer dieser Gruppe tragen neben anderen Unterstützern dazu bei, dass Teaming 100% kostenlos und ohne Gebühren funktioniert. Und unser Traum ist es, dank dieser Gruppe selbsttragend zu werden. Willst du helfen zu helfen?

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Teamer seit:  23/11/2020


Durant la pandèmia vam reconvertir tota la nostra activitat. Ara, ja hem tornat a 17 dels 27 serveis, i la cura emocional és paper encara més important per pacients, familiars i personal sanitari. La gent gran és un dels col·lectius més vulnerables. Col·labora per fer posible aquestes visites! El recaptat anirà destinat per finançar el projecte a la residència Pere Relats on anem dos cops per setmana en dues plantes diferents.

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XAMFRÀ: Music and performance for social inclusion

An educational and artistic initiative for social inclusion. Xamfrà is a social and educational project that uses music and the performing arts to promote social inclusion in a very multicultural community. We work with people in vulnerable situations and at risk of social exclusion. Currently, 300 children and young people from 24 different countries are participating in our activities. Visit our project at

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Teamer seit:  23/11/2020

SOS Himalaya-Iñaki Ochoa de Olza Foundation. 1 €, 1 lunch project

We have arranged a school canteen in the Seduwa School (Nepal), with a local chef called Chandra Mara, who feed 30 children every day. It's their most important meal in the day and maybe the only one, and for us the prize is lower than a coffee in a month. The target we have is maintain the project with this share. Do you help us? Do you want more information about our project? Visit (in Spanish)

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Teamer seit:  23/11/2020

JIN-PA Ajuda als refugiats tibetans

JIN-PA. Health Coverage, Help for the Elderly, Child Protection and other development projects. Place of action: Gulledhalla refugee camps - South India Beneficiaries: approximately 3000 people, Tibetans and local population. If you can, contribute € 1 a month. With the cancellation of virtually all Fairs and Events due to the current situation, your collaboration is more important than ever. + info:

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Teamer seit:  23/11/2020

Fundació Kalilu Jammeh

We are an NGO of development aid, non-profit, independent and non-denominational, born in 2006. Our mission is to eradicate extreme poverty in The Gambia (West Africa), promoting a educational, social, health, agricultural and economic development . We work so that young people do not want to come to Europe, creating opportunities for work and development in origin.

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Teamer seit:  16/03/2021

Doctors Without Borders

An entire generation of children is in danger due to the suspension of vaccination campaigns as a result of COVID-19. As a consequence, basic pediatric care is being reduced or worse. Because no child should die from a vaccine-preventable disease. And because each new contribution can save lives. Become a member of our group Doctors Without Borders. Thanks a lot.