Cristina Rojo San Jose

Cristina Rojo San Jose

Cantabria, Espagne

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la casa de Menta

La casa de Menta nace de una particular que comienza haciendo acogidas y queriendo colaborar con los perritos abandonados, siendo incapaz de mirar a otro lado, realizando rescates particularmente y colaborando con otras asociaciones. Menta es mi perrita. Colaborando con tan sólo 1€ al mes entre muchos podemos conseguir grandes cosas, pienso, veterinarios, desparasitaciones, pipetas........

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Adopted in the Birches

Adopta en los abedules, it is a non-profit association, we rescue animals in situation or risk of abandonment in Cantabria, kennels or their owners no longer want them. We rescue dogs of all kinds and many dogs that are not used for hunting such as setters, taps, pointers, etc. Thank you for helping us to cover the cost of food, residence to house our rescued, veterinary expenses, and the costs of taking dogs out of the kennels.