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Shirins Lucky Rescues

NEUTERING - the ONLY way to keep future generations of animals not to end on chains, dumped at the bins or on the streets!!! This concerns ALL OF US, not only the locals, not only tourists who feed during their holdays and NEVERSEEAGAIN. I am a privat person who helps the weak in a developed and educated society., but poor in empathy for animals... WHERE is GOD being in every living... nature, animals and humans!?

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Kind Souls Association - Romania, Alina & Anda Murgu

Our goal is to raise money to sustain and develop the shelter where we have 250 dogs, 40 cats, 2 donkeys and 1 pig located near Bucharest, Romania. Every month we need to salaries for the dogs caretakers, materials for the constructions that we are making, to buy food for dogs and to pay veterinary bills. Please, help us to help them and to offer them a good future! You can see our activity here: .

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HELP Teddy Alex Shelter Romania (206 dogs & cats)

My name is Alexandra Sarau, I am from Bucharest, Romania and beside my job as a Freelance Translator of English and Italian, I run also a shelter of 206 rescued dogs and cats that are constantly prepared for adoption while some will always remain in my care. I need YOUR help with the monthly expenses for their food, rent of the land, vet bills, transport, medicines, cleaning. Only with people's help and support I can rescue, spay and get adopted more dogs or cats

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ISLAND OF HOPE - Helping Animals Romania HAR

HAR is an NGO with headquarters in Bucharest, Romania and a shelter with over 300 dogs and 50 cats. The vision of HAR is to reduce the multiplication of the undesirable animals through neutering/spaying actions. HAR aim is to find a stable home for stray dogs and cats and provide care for ill/disabled/abused animals. The mission of HAR is to contribute through all its actions in diminishing the number of abandanimals (dogs and cats), fact that has reached a worrying quota in RO

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Europe4strays Romanian dog rescue ngo

Mirela Mistodinis is a Romanian Dog rescuer and has 160 stray dogs in her care. Mirela is the Head of Europe4strays, a registered Romanian NGO with headquarter in a small village named Bizighesti in the County Vrancea. Financial help is needed to build a Lodge to shelter Mirela's rescued dogs, to buy food, to pay veterinary expenses such as medicines, vaccinations, deworming, anti-fleas, surgeries or skin diseases. Be part of the project by supporting Mirela and Europe4strays.

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Hello, teamers. We are trying to build a new and modern shelter in Buzau where to sterilize, to shelter, to take care of every soul in need. Our project is beautiful and it intends to build on 5000 square meters a safe place for the strays in our town. It will be very modern. The account of this charity is linked to the personal account of the president. Meanwhile, the dogs from the killing Public Shelter Buzau are saved at Monica. If you like our project, please, join our group. Thank you.

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Shelter for stray dogs

I am a dentist and the vicepresident of the ngo. My girlfriend that she is a teacher is the president. We want to build a very big shelter for a lot of stray dogs from Romania. We start a group because we want to raise money for the construction of the shelter, and also to have money monthly to feed and give medicine to the dogs

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Stray Dogs in Bosnia Need Urgent Help

I would like to invite animal lovers to support rescue in BiH. I am trying my best to support registered charity SOS Šapice Gradiška - SOS Vergessene Pfoten e. V. They have rescued over 4000 dogs and find them homes in Germany. Dogs need our help as charity struggle for funds. Please support my cause and save a life. Thank you for your consideration.

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Dog Organization Georgia

Dog Organization Georgia has a small shelter for around 35 dogs on the outskirts of Georgia's capital, Tbilisi. The city has an estimated 43,000 homeless dogs on the streets. Our shelter is volunteer run, and self-financed through our own fundraising and donations. Our dogs are ALL checked by a veterinarian, vaccinated and sterilised before we try to find them approved loving homes - both in and outside Georgia. With your financial help we can place more dogs in good homes. Thank you

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Rhodes Animal Welfare Shelter

I discovered RAWS while vacationing on this beautiful island. The animals are there unfortunately often abused. The staff and volunteers of this shelter do their utmost to collect, care for, sterilize / castrate and make them adopted abroad where a better life expects them. 350 dogs are in this shelter designed for 100. but employees and volunteers are great. The shelter is in constant search of material donations but also of volunteers on site or of "flight companions". Thank you for your help!

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CSP - Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir

Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir provides safe refuge for over 800 former street dogs, 150 cats, and many rescued equines in the Agadir area. All donations will go to pay for the feeding, care and support of the animals in the refuge. Each month we have to find money to pay food bills, cover the wages of the minimal staff who care for the animals, fuel for the vehicle and any vet bills. If we have secure funding we can hire more staff and do more outreach and rescue work.