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La Ferme des Rescapés

La asociación La Ferme des Rescapés, creada en 2009, se encuentra en el sur de Francia (departamento de Lot), en una granja orgánica. Administrado por dos mujeres, salva a cientos de animales de granja y compañeros maltratados, abandonados, destinados a la matanza o la eutanasia. Su finca de 29 hectáreas es un remanso de paz para los 600 supervivientes: gatos, perros, caballos, ponies, burros, gallinas, ovejas, cabras, Nac ... No hay reproducción.

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Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir

Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir provides safe refuge for over 900 former street dogs, 150 cats, and many rescued equines in the Agadir area. All donations will go to pay for the feeding, care and support of the animals in the refuge. Each month we have to find money to pay food bills, cover the wages of the minimal staff who care for the animals, fuel for the vehicle and any vet bills. If we have secure funding we can hire more staff and do more outreach and rescue work.

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Datcha Chiens et chats moldaves

Bonjour à tous ! Nous nous occupons d'un refuge en Moldavie, où vivent plus de 300 chiens et 80 chats. Ce refuge a été créé en 2013 par Ira, une femme extraordinaire qui lutte pour les droits des animaux dans son pays. Le refuge est principalement financé par des mécènes allemands mais nous sommes continuellement en recherche de moyens, pour acheter de la nourriture de bonne qualité, pour payer le vétérinaire, des couvertures, jouets et tout ce qu'il faut pour le bon fonctionnement.

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To donate 1€ a month, please sign up with an e-mail address and a credit card. Your bank will withdraw the equivalent of 1€, monthly. There is no commission, all transactions are encrypted and thus secure. Pentru a deveni microdonator TAC, vă creați un cont, cu o adresă de e-mail și datele unui card bancar, o singură dată. Banca dvs. va retrage lunar echivalentul a 1 euro/4,9 lei, fără să mai fie nevoie să reveniți aici. Orice nelămurire:

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Kind Souls Association - Romania, Alina & Anda Murgu

Our goal is to raise money to sustain and develop the shelter where we have 250 dogs, 40 cats, 2 donkeys and 1 pig located near Bucharest, Romania. Every month we need to salaries for the dogs caretakers, materials for the constructions that we are making, to buy food for dogs and to pay veterinary bills. Please, help us to help them and to offer them a good future! You can see our activity here: .

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Group created to help dogs in Public Shelter Boldesti - Scaieni, Romania. We have in our care an constant number of dogs, as weekly more dogs are brought into the public shelter from the streets. Dogs that are in the public shelter for more than 2 weeks and not adopted, will be on the kill list. Our goal is to be able to prepare the dogs for adoption while are in the public shelters, and international adoption direct from PS to be possible.

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Welcome to my Teaming Group. My name is Cristina Icleanu, I’m a Romanian rescuer involved in animal welfare since several years. You can find out more about my work through my FB Page and website Today the emergency is that I must move from the land that I rent to shelter my rescues. I’ve bought a new land located north of Bucharest and I must start to build my future Rescue Center and rehabilitation of traumatised dogs. For 1€ per month be part of a unique project, my Sanctuary

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Santuario Lapalomatriste

Lapalomatriste es un santuario dedicado específicamente a las palomas. Contamos con una familia formada por varias centenas de palomas rescatadas, en general palomas urbanas en apuros, llegadas desde las manos de buenas personas que quieren darles otra oportunidad. Muchas de ellas son discapacitadas o heridas. Acogemos y criamos también pichones huérfanos. Únete y ayúdanos a continuar con nuestra labor: mantener el Santuario y albergar más aves en apuros.