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Association ANM

The Association ANM has existed for 2007, located in the 76, it supports dogs of Molossian types and categories, it performs public awareness operations. We collect dogs who are victims of abandonment, abuse or who risked euthanasia in impound. The animals are placed in a host family or in a pension because unfortunately the association has no refuge. Your donations allow us to collect, nurture and care for our protégés.

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Purpose of the association: to help, save, rehabilitate and replace breed or Rottweiler dogs in priority but also any pet, breeds and species combined; Disseminate and transmit adoption announcements for their investments. Some of the dogs in the shelter are not family-friendly for various reasons of behaviour or special care. The association is governed by the non-profit Act 1901 and does not collect any subsidy.

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An Ti Loened - La Maison des Animaux

We are an association law 1901 of placement and animal protection. We collect abandoned, found, impounded animals to prevent euthanasia or removed from abuse. We collect dogs, cats, NAC and farm animals. We welcome them in different host families, we treat them, identify them, vaccinate them and sterilize them and then propose them for adoption to find them a warm and warm home.

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La Colonie Des Crapules

Bonjour. Nous sommes une association de protection animale. Nous avons besoin de vous pour nous permettre de pouvoir prendre en charge financièrement nos petits protégés Merci a vous. Et même 1 euros nous aide. C'est avec des petites gouttes que l'ont fait de grandes rivieres