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I am Teresa Mazzella, a volunteer that takes care of abandoned cats of Ischia. I manage a small shelter hosting about 50 cats, that often I save from abandoning and dangerous situations. In addition to the shelter I also take care of stray cats around my town, providing food, neutering and veterinary care and all these expenses can't be sustained by only one person! I do not receive public funds, I just use my money... Please help me!

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Hope home

We dedicate our efforts to improve the life of stray cats, saving, recovering and finding a home for them, giving them the opportunity for a dignified life. We operate within our homes and give a temporary home to cats in distress until they have a suit of their own. We do not have any kind of help from public bodies. we work only thanks to our strength and the help of wonderful people who support us!

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Miagolandia é un rifugio per gatti maltrattati, abbandonati, rimasti soli, salvati da situazioni di disagio o di pericolo. Annualmente alleviamo alcune centinaia di piccoli, che senza il nostro intervento non riuscirebbero a sopravvivere, e diamo in adozione tra cuccioli ed adulti una media di 800 gatti. Non godiamo di sovvenzioni pubbliche ma sopravviviamo anche grazie al tuo aiuto... che speriamo vorrai darci ❤️❤️