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Randagi fortunati /Gattile Di Ventimiglia

Il Gattile di Ventimiglia ospita circa 120 Gatti. Le volontarie/gattare dedicano tantissimo tempo per quanto riguarda la pulizia, le cure ecc. Abbiamo creato questo gruppo perché vorremmo poter espandere il Gattile, prima di tutto perché è l'unico in zona è sopratutto per poter curare sempre meglio i nostri animaletti.

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I am Teresa Mazzella, a volunteer that takes care of abandoned cats of Ischia. I manage a small shelter hosting about 50 cats, that often I save from abandoning and dangerous situations. In addition to the shelter I also take care of stray cats around my town, providing food, neutering and veterinary care and all these expenses can't be sustained by only one person! I do not receive public funds, I just use my money... Please help me!

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Save the Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are in danger due to human activities.In southern Italy,in Brancaleone,there is a rescue center "Blue Conservancy" where few volunteers,without funds,are rescuing the turtles victims of fishing (bycatch) and plastic pollution,since to 2006,to release them into the sea as soon as they are healed. By supporting our project with 1euro/month,you will contribute to the purchase of medicines,food and new recovery tanks.You will also support our environmental education programs for schools.