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Ananda - Musica y Arte Espiritual

Ananda es un proyecto solidario para recaudar los fondos necesarios para las siguientes actividades: 1.- Un niño un instrumento - Crear música colectiva 2.- Llevar la música del Mundo a los niños y crear unidad. 3.- Llevar la música a los hospitales y centros de salud 4.- Entender la música como forma de expresión corporal , sanadora y social. Estamos en

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WE BELIEVE in the importance of small things, in Love and Enthusiasm working miracles and that Changing the world ... IT'S A CHILD'S THING! Together we push: NOW WE ARE PLANTING TREES AND HOPE! "Love on wheels": Motorcycle doctor with portable ultrasound for rural areas. "Plumpynut": multivitamin food to treat malnutrition. "Victor Mandela": More than 1 million people from south sudan live in northern Uganda. "Pink Revolution" for the wrought of girls to be girls. JOING US!

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Creixent desde el cor

Em dic Esther Montmany i vull publicar un llibre que ens ajudara a crear armonia i plenitut en nosaltres i els nostres infants.

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Friends of the Ana Bella Foundation

The Ana Bella Foundation is a network of women survivors who help 2000 abused women a year to break the silence, reinsert into the labor market and recover their lives not as victims but as happy and victorious women. Thanks for joining our group, your monthly euro is transformed by our volunteers into Love in Action to help 20 women and their kids access to an independent house after the shelter.